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God is in the Crazy ~ Dr. Chet Weld Ep. 117

December 25, 2023 Season 3 Episode 117
God is in the Crazy ~ Dr. Chet Weld Ep. 117
Living the Reclaimed Life
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Living the Reclaimed Life
God is in the Crazy ~ Dr. Chet Weld Ep. 117
Dec 25, 2023 Season 3 Episode 117

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Have you ever experienced a miracle? Have you heard stories of them? We see many miracles in the Bible, but what about in our lives today? In this episode, Dr. Chet Weld will share several remarkable miracle stories.

Dr. Weld recently wrote the book, "God is in the Crazy." As we celebrate Christmas, let's look at some of the ways He is Immanuel, God with us today, even in the crazy!

Before we begin, what a great way to start the new year by reading real stories of miracles. We are giving away a free copy of Dr. Weld's book. Email and share either a miracle story you have heard or one that touched you from what Dr. Weld shared in this episode. The winner will be drawn on January 7th, 2024.

You can order your copy of Dr. Chet Weld's new book God Is In The Crazy: With Astounding Miracles and Reflections on the Peaceful Life  HERE.

If you are in Tucson on March 16th, 2024, from 11 am-2 pm, he will be signing copies of
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You can also find him at

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Have you ever experienced a miracle? Have you heard stories of them? We see many miracles in the Bible, but what about in our lives today? In this episode, Dr. Chet Weld will share several remarkable miracle stories.

Dr. Weld recently wrote the book, "God is in the Crazy." As we celebrate Christmas, let's look at some of the ways He is Immanuel, God with us today, even in the crazy!

Before we begin, what a great way to start the new year by reading real stories of miracles. We are giving away a free copy of Dr. Weld's book. Email and share either a miracle story you have heard or one that touched you from what Dr. Weld shared in this episode. The winner will be drawn on January 7th, 2024.

You can order your copy of Dr. Chet Weld's new book God Is In The Crazy: With Astounding Miracles and Reflections on the Peaceful Life  HERE.

If you are in Tucson on March 16th, 2024, from 11 am-2 pm, he will be signing copies of
God is in the Crazy at Gospel Supplies at 5640 East Broadway.

You can also find him at

Here are two FREE Ebooks for you!
1. Shame Off You: 10 steps to shattering shame in your life,
2. ABC's:
CLICK HERE for a FREE E-book to help you combat lies and replace them with God's truth. For more encouragement, check out some of our offerings at

Did you know we have a jewelry line that speaks to your identity in Jesus?
CLICK HERE to shop. Every purchase helps support our mission to provide healing and hope to women worldwide.

Would you partner with us to spread the message of hope and healing? You can
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[00:00:00] Denisha: Have you ever experienced a miracle? Have you heard stories of them? [00:00:05] We see many miracles in the Bible, but what about our lives today? In this [00:00:10]episode, Dr. Chet Weld will share several remarkable miracle stories. Dr. [00:00:15] Weld recently wrote the book, God is in the Crazy. And as we celebrate Christmas, [00:00:20] let's look at some of the ways that God is Emmanuel.

God with us [00:00:25] today, even in the crazy. Before we begin, what a great [00:00:30] way to start off the new year reading real stories. stories of miracles. So we are giving [00:00:35] away a free copy of Dr. Weld's book, email connect at [00:00:40] reclaim story. com and share either a miracle story that you have experienced or [00:00:45] heard, or maybe one that touched you from what Dr.

Weld shared in this episode, [00:00:50] we will draw the winner on January 7th, 2024. Now [00:00:55]let's dive into this episode with Dr. Chad Weld. [00:01:00] Welcome to living the reclaim life podcast. I'm Denisha. We're glad you're here for [00:01:05] conversations that revive hope, inspire healing and encourage you to live a [00:01:10] vibrant life with Christ.

So grab a cup of coffee as we chat with today's guest. [00:01:15] Dr. Chet Weld has been a marriage counselor and [00:01:20] therapist here in Tucson, Arizona for 40 years and a pastor for 25 [00:01:25]of those years. He is the author of a recently published book called God is in [00:01:30] the crazy, a book that is all about miracles that God is doing.

today. [00:01:35] He earned his doctorate in counseling psychology and currently practices counseling [00:01:40] at Joshua Tree Counseling. Chet, we are so thankful to have you back on the podcast with [00:01:45] us. I'm 

[00:01:45] Dr. Weld: honored to be back, Denisha. I enjoyed the last one so much. [00:01:50] Oh, 

[00:01:50] Denisha: so did we. The last episode you did was episode 101, and [00:01:55] Valerian, you tackled the topic of depression, and if you missed that episode, I [00:02:00] highly encourage you to go back and listen.

It is packed with great tools, whether [00:02:05] you or someone you love struggles with depression. It was really a great 

[00:02:08] Dr. Weld: episode, Chad. Yes, [00:02:10] most of us have to deal with depression or other mental health issues from time to [00:02:15] time. 

[00:02:15] Denisha: Yeah, that's for sure. And that's not something that we like, right? Yeah, [00:02:20] that's for sure.

But something we do like, right? We love, we like, we [00:02:25] love to deal with miracles. Yes. Ah, that's what we get to talk about today. [00:02:30] Now, although we're recording this earlier in the month, This episode drops on [00:02:35] Christmas Day and when Valerie and I realized that our podcast schedule included [00:02:40] Christmas Day, we knew that we had to have you back with us, Jeff.


[00:02:43] Dr. Weld: what a blessing that you thought [00:02:45] of me. Thank 

[00:02:46] Denisha: you. Well, you were an easy choice, to be honest, because [00:02:50] you recently released your book, God is in the Crazy, which is a book [00:02:55] all about outstanding miracles. 

[00:02:57] Dr. Weld: And that's why the subtitle of the book [00:03:00] is With Astounding Miracles and Reflections on the Peaceful Life.

The miracles [00:03:05] are truly astounding. And most of them I've been told personally. [00:03:10]Many of them personal experience too. 

[00:03:12] Denisha: Oh, I can't wait for our listeners to hear more [00:03:15] about those today. And since it's Christmas time, right? This is when we celebrate the [00:03:20] biggest miracle of all. So do you have anything to say about that 

[00:03:24] Dr. Weld: miracle?

[00:03:25] Always. Um, there are over 300 prophecies about Christ's earthly ministry [00:03:30] and a few about his birth. The prophet Isaiah said that one day a [00:03:35] human baby would be born who would be called Mighty God, [00:03:40] Everlasting Father. Now, how could a baby be called God? Because he was [00:03:45] and is God. That's incredible. 

[00:03:47] Denisha: Oh, yes, it is.

And there were [00:03:50] so many prophecies, too, in the Old Testament about the coming of Christ into the world, [00:03:55] even that he would be born of a virgin. 

[00:03:57] Dr. Weld: Yes, and then in the New Testament, we read how [00:04:00] Gabriel appears to the Virgin Mary and tells her she'll give birth to the Son [00:04:05] of God. 

[00:04:07] Denisha: And from reading your book, it is clear that [00:04:10] God has been doing miracles, not only throughout history, but also even in our present [00:04:15] day.

[00:04:15] Dr. Weld: That's for sure, Denisha. The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the same [00:04:20]yesterday, today, and forever. So we would expect that he's doing [00:04:25] miracles today, just like the miracles that are told throughout the Bible. 

[00:04:29] Denisha: So [00:04:30] good. So how about you tell us some of the miracles from your book? 

[00:04:33] Dr. Weld: I'd be happy to, [00:04:35] Danesha.

That's about the funnest thing I can think to talk about. The most common kinds [00:04:40] of miracles are about God speaking to people. I've been told personally of God speaking [00:04:45] to at least a hundred people, usually with an audible voice and, and sometimes inaudible. [00:04:50] And you know pastors Roger and Julie Barrier.

They tell a story in my [00:04:55] book about when they first moved to Tucson. Roger heard the voice [00:05:00] of Julie calling him to run to the bathroom and Julie [00:05:05] heard the voice of Roger. Telling her to run to the bathroom. So they each [00:05:10] ran to the bathroom and their daughter, Brianna, was standing on the side of the [00:05:15] bathtub ready to plunge into a full bathtub.

And so obviously they [00:05:20] caught her and saved her. And then after they did that, Julie said to [00:05:25] Roger, If you were already running to the bathroom, why did you call my name? And he [00:05:30] said, I didn't. And the other said to the other, Why did you call my name? And the [00:05:35] answer is, neither of them called each other's name.

And then they saw a wisp of [00:05:40] white disappear into the ceiling. So clearly God spoke to them or an angel spoke [00:05:45] and called them to run to the bathtub. And it was an audible voice. [00:05:50] Absolutely amazing. Another story, Dr. Peter Marshall heard an audible voice. He [00:05:55] was the most popular minister of the 1940s, a fellow from Scotland.[00:06:00]

And when he was a teenager, he was walking through pitch dark, [00:06:05] taking a shortcut home, and he heard the voice. Peter! [00:06:10] And he paused, but didn't think anything of it and kept walking. Then he heard the voice, [00:06:15] Peter, again. And he knew that was the voice of God, and he got down on his [00:06:20] knees. And as he was on his knees, he felt in front of him, and there was a [00:06:25] huge hole.

A limestone quarry that he would have fallen into and he would have [00:06:30] been killed. And it was that moment that he gave his life to the ministry. [00:06:35] And Catherine Marshall tells this story in her first book called A Man Called Peter. And I [00:06:40] just ordered the movie and watched it last week with my wife, A Man Called Peter.

And the [00:06:45] story I just told you is at the beginning of that movie. Very credible. And for [00:06:50] all the miracles that are in my book, Well, for most of them, let's say, I provide [00:06:55]context that establishes credibility because I know so many of the people. Some of these stories I've [00:07:00] read, like the one of Dr. Marshall here.

Then there's the story of Frank [00:07:05] Hubbard. Chuck Frank Hubbard. Now, I was speaking to a Bible study [00:07:10] telling the story of this man. He was a soldier in Vietnam. [00:07:15] Chuck Hubbard's middle name, Frank. Nobody knew that his middle name was Frank. He heard the voice, Frank. [00:07:20] And he turned his head at that moment to the, where he heard the voice coming from and at [00:07:25] that moment a bullet whizzed by his head, a sniper's bullet.

So if he hadn't heard that audible [00:07:30] voice, Frank He would have been killed, and he dug the bullet out and saved it. And when I was speaking to [00:07:35] that group, it was a couple Bible studies combined. A woman in the church, [00:07:40] who was his sister in law, came up and confirmed the story. And I think when I told [00:07:45] the story, I couldn't remember the middle name.

And she said it was Frank. So she confirmed [00:07:50] that story, but he heard that audible voice. Not an uncommon story. I [00:07:55] mean, many audible voices, as I've said. 

[00:07:57] Denisha: That's so amazing. It just, it builds [00:08:00] my faith as you're sharing these and many of these stories, right, [00:08:05] are told by personal friends to you. 

[00:08:08] Dr. Weld: Yes. I think the very first [00:08:10] one I heard was when I was the director.

of counseling at a large church on the east side [00:08:15] and there was a Jesuit priest who had been born again and he was one of the pastors at [00:08:20] this church and I heard him preach. And he told a story about how he and his wife [00:08:25] Lori needed insulation for their water heater. And one [00:08:30] day Richard was looking out the back window of their home and he saw a big [00:08:35]bale of something just tumble out of the sky into the backyard.

And he went out to, to [00:08:40] see what it was, and it was, it was insulation for their water heater. Okay, and [00:08:45] there was no alley in the back, so no truck dropped it off. And then, [00:08:50]later on, I, I became his Facebook friend, and I wrote him, and I said, I [00:08:55] remember the story you told, and I just want to confirm that's the truth, right?

I mean, this is really what happened, and [00:09:00] he confirmed it. And he's since gone on to be with the Lord, and I saw his wife, Lori. [00:09:05] at a colleague's memorial service a few years back. And I asked her [00:09:10] the same thing. I told her the story and I said, Is this really true? And she said, Yes, it really [00:09:15] happened. So finally I gave up asking and I believe that story.

Obviously an incredible [00:09:20] miracle and good friends. And another friend, Ruth Grossman. She [00:09:25] lived in Buffalo, New York once and during winter time she needed a car and a friend who was [00:09:30] leaving the city let her drive his Toyota. And she was [00:09:35] driving on Route 90 East to pick up her friend at the airport. [00:09:40] And have you ever heard of black ice?

Yes. Okay, you can't really see it. Okay, well, she was [00:09:45] driving on this freeway, three lanes on each side, and all of a [00:09:50] sudden she hit black ice. And her car rotated and finally ended up just [00:09:55] against the median facing the ongoing traffic. [00:10:00] And she looked around and all traffic had disappeared. There was no traffic in front of her, no [00:10:05] traffic behind her.

And two cars pulled up. Behind her, one stopped [00:10:10] behind her, one pulled up in front of her. Two guys got out, they were dressed in the [00:10:15] same kind of green parkas, they each had a beard, and they gave her car a shove in [00:10:20] the right direction, and they told her, get going, and she was out of there. And I've heard many [00:10:25] stories of people being safe from death in the midst of an auto accident or after an [00:10:30] auto accident because an angel comes up and then disappears.

There's so many stories, and in the Bible there's so [00:10:35] many stories of angels appearing as people and disappearing. And this is one of those [00:10:40] stories. And then, I have a good friend named David Ammon. I performed the [00:10:45] wedding ceremony of David and his wife, Christine, and he was an aerial [00:10:50] applicator for most of his life.

Well, he had an accident with one of his [00:10:55] flights. And in the story, I go into great detail, in all of the stories I'm [00:11:00] summarizing, and they're much more interesting in the book, actually, okay? But the highlights are [00:11:05] fascinating, too, right? Okay, he had an accident, and he was trapped in the [00:11:10] plane. He couldn't get out of the cockpit.

He did shut the gasoline off, [00:11:15] but he couldn't escape from the cockpit, but all of a sudden he was on the ground. [00:11:20] And there were witnesses to this who were mystified, and there are also three or [00:11:25] four other proofs that he was simply translated from the cockpit [00:11:30] to the ground. So that was a total miracle.

And in this story he expounds on some [00:11:35] scriptures that explain that this happens in the Bible too. So that's an example of [00:11:40] another good friend. That had an amazing miracle that's in my book. I had the 

[00:11:44] Denisha: [00:11:45] pleasure of reading your book, so I got to hear a little bit more about those. That's right. But the full story is [00:11:50] amazing.

Can you tell us some more stories from people you 

[00:11:52] Dr. Weld: know? Again, when I was on the [00:11:55] east side, I would go to a particular hairstylist and she cut my hair many [00:12:00] times. And I always look for opportunities when I'm talking to people, especially strangers, [00:12:05] to tell them about the Lord or to talk about miracles.

And I asked her one day, have you [00:12:10] ever experienced a miracle? Well, she said, well, there was this one time on my way to church [00:12:15] on a Sunday night, and I stopped in at Taco Bell, and after I got my [00:12:20] food, I was ready to pull out into traffic. And I put my foot on the accelerator, [00:12:25] but the car would not move. And then I saw the hood of my car be [00:12:30]pressed way down as if some huge person were sitting on the hood, and the [00:12:35] car would not budge.

And then all of a sudden, whoosh, a car just passed right in [00:12:40] front of her, and had she pulled out. She would have been killed. Well, she went on to church [00:12:45] that night and had a great testimony to tell. And then she had a baby she was so in love with and [00:12:50] proud of. And she told me this story. And this is the kind of thing that when you simply ask [00:12:55] people, when you're interested and get involved in their lives a little bit, a lot of people have [00:13:00] miracles either that amazing or other miracles that they thought were miracles at the time and they sort of [00:13:05] forgot about.

So if we're just interested enough and keep our eyes and ears open, we hear about [00:13:10] these things. 

[00:13:11] Denisha: Oh, boy, that's a hairstylist that can make your hair stand on end, huh? [00:13:15]Oh, wow. What about some 

[00:13:18] Dr. Weld: others? Okay, I was [00:13:20] raised in a city called Bexley. That's in the middle of Columbus, Ohio. [00:13:25] And there's a story that involved the mayor of Bexley, Mayor Schneider, and he was the mayor when [00:13:30] I lived there.

His son was on, on the way from New York to Bexley [00:13:35] on Christmas Eve, driving with his wife and his son. And the story is told [00:13:40] by the daughter who hadn't yet been born yet, Melanie Clark, who lives in Tucson, who I've [00:13:45] since gotten to know and talked to her, okay? I got the story from Guidepost [00:13:50] Magazine with permission to tell this story, an amazing story.

So the father's on his [00:13:55] way to Bexley, Ohio on Christmas Eve, and outside of Bexley, I think it's about 30 [00:14:00] miles outside of Bexley, the car breaks down, and it's Christmas Eve. He knows there's no mechanics or anything [00:14:05] anywhere, and he pushes the car. on an off ramp. And sure enough, [00:14:10] there are two lit up buildings just not too far down the road.

One is an auto mechanic's [00:14:15] shop and another is a restaurant. Well, he pushed the car to the [00:14:20] auto mechanic's shop and they fixed it while his wife and son went to the restaurant and [00:14:25] ate. Okay, and he called his dad, Mayor Schneider in Bexley, and said we had to set back. We've got a car [00:14:30] breakdown, but we're here at the auto repair shop.

And the mayor said, there's no auto repair [00:14:35] shop anywhere. Now this is late 40s, and the mayor knew every back [00:14:40] road anywhere near Bexley, Ohio, and there was nothing there. And so all [00:14:45] during Christmas holidays, after the son arrived, they argued about this, right? So [00:14:50] when the son left with his family to return to New York, he decided to find that spot.[00:14:55]

Where he had seen the mechanic's shop and the restaurant. It didn't exist. [00:15:00] Wow. It was just an open field. And so he drove and he drove [00:15:05] looking for that spot in that area. And it simply wasn't there. And I've read other [00:15:10] stories similar to that. Okay, I have another friend, Michael Hastings. [00:15:15] He had a real divine appointment.

Now, he was a Bible college friend of mine a long time [00:15:20] ago, after I'd already been to college and seminary. I went to a Bible college where I learned a lot more than I [00:15:25] ever did in the seminary, actually. And Michael Hastings was attending [00:15:30] Oral Roberts University and Ramah Bible College, and he got a note from both schools [00:15:35] saying, if you don't give us 250 in two days, You're going to [00:15:40] be expelled from the school and you won't be able to graduate.

And he was also the missions [00:15:45] director to Kenya, so that would nix that ministry for [00:15:50] him. Okay, well, the next day he went to church at the Mabee Center. This is a [00:15:55]huge stadium, apparently, on Oral Roberts campus, okay? And he didn't [00:16:00] get anything particularly revelatory or uplifting out of the service, but he decided to [00:16:05] return that evening to their evening service, which is also huge.

Thousands and thousands of [00:16:10] people, okay. So, when the service was over, he was exiting, and he ran into, [00:16:15] um, someone named Jan, that he was only an acquaintance. He didn't know her very well, and they just said hello. [00:16:20] And she asked him, do you want to ride home, and he declined. And [00:16:25] somehow they were near the car, and she was pulling away, and she asked him again, and it started to rain.[00:16:30]

And he said, okay, and he accepted the ride. And so they were chit chatting on their way back [00:16:35] to where he lived. And then she said, Michael, is something wrong? Michael, God [00:16:40] told me in the service tonight to give you 500. And [00:16:45] he was like, what? So that floored him completely, because it was the exact amount of money [00:16:50] he needed by the next day.

Okay. And that was an example of not [00:16:55] hearing an audible voice. She just felt a strong impression, and God spoke to me one time without an audible [00:17:00] voice, but I knew it was floored, so that kind of thing happens too. But clearly, she heard from God, give him [00:17:05] 500, because he wasn't going to be able to graduate or go to Kenya, etc.

So, that [00:17:10] was amazing. And then a couple weeks later, Jan's mother gave her life to Christ, too, so there was [00:17:15] a benefit to her. But Michael Hastings story, he calls it a divine appointment. I think that's the [00:17:20] chapter, the title in the book. Truly an amazing story. 

[00:17:23] Denisha: That is really [00:17:25] amazing. I've heard of that so many times, of people getting a specific amount of money that they [00:17:30] needed and hadn't told anybody.

I have too. Oh, I just love that. Look at how God meets 

[00:17:34] Dr. Weld: [00:17:35] our needs. Yeah, the audio engineer that's making the audible of my book right now, I'm doing the [00:17:40] talking, okay? But he's been in ministry his whole life and he's made [00:17:45] 93 translations of the New Testament from languages that [00:17:50] he doesn't, he's never, understood and doesn't understand.

Apparently you don't have to understand it if you're an [00:17:55] audio engineer, but it helps to have somebody in the room that does understand it, okay? [00:18:00] But he's never asked anyone for money, and God has always provided. He's never asked [00:18:05] anybody for a cent, and he's a missionary, and God has always provided for him.

Wow. Isn't that [00:18:10] fantastic? 

[00:18:10] Denisha: Oh, that is fantastic. These, each of these are so amazing, [00:18:15] Chad. Do you have a favorite one? 

[00:18:17] Dr. Weld: Well, I think my favorite might be the story that I told you. [00:18:20] And the woman's name is Melanie Clark, who told the story about Bexley, Ohio, where the [00:18:25]buildings appeared and the people appeared and all have disappeared.

But I have another favorite. Lieutenant [00:18:30] Paul Galante, I read about his story in a magazine called Angels on Earth. [00:18:35] And then I called him on the phone and I interviewed him for an hour and we exchanged emails and [00:18:40] texts and such, you know. And I have his story in my book. He was a fighter pilot [00:18:45] and he was shot down over North Vietnam.

He was very near the ocean when he was shot down [00:18:50] and he was hoping to glide the plane into the water where he would be rescued, but he [00:18:55] couldn't do it. He was traveling at 500 miles an hour. He was only 1, 200 [00:19:00] feet above land when he was shot down. When he was shot, [00:19:05] okay, he had to eject. Okay, and so traveling that fast [00:19:10] and that low, three panels of his parachute were ripped apart, but somehow he [00:19:15] wafted towards the ground, and he took a bullet in the neck while he was at it.

And then he was [00:19:20] marched to the Hanoi Hilton. That's the name given to a prison in North [00:19:25] Vietnam where John McCain State, and many other fighter pilots, of [00:19:30] course, were there in the Hanoi Hilton. Well, torture was the order of the day and [00:19:35] very common for all of them, and all of these men were tortured on a regular basis.

And Lieutenant [00:19:40] Paul Galante had been there for about three and a half years when he was tortured for ten whole days. He was [00:19:45] tied to a chair, and they knew how to tie him up so that he was in excruciating [00:19:50] pain all the time. And this went on for ten days. The tenth day, Jesus [00:19:55] appeared to him. He materialized out of the wall in front of him.[00:20:00]

He was dressed in luminous white, and Paul said, I've never seen [00:20:05] anything so bright. He was almost blinded by this white light, [00:20:10] okay? But it was Jesus, and he was wearing a beard. Paul said it was Jesus, wearing a beard, [00:20:15] and Jesus said to him, Everything is going to be all right. And then Jesus [00:20:20] quickly disappeared.

And from then on, Paul had Great peace. [00:20:25] Here before he hadn't been much of a believer. He went to church because he was on different bases, because his father [00:20:30] was in the military too, and he went to church now and then. But he wasn't much of a believer. But [00:20:35] everybody at the Newark Hilton was some sort of a believer, and they had a church service every Sunday, which involved, I [00:20:40] think, saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord's Prayer, and that was it.

And then a soldier would come [00:20:45] in and tell them all to shut up. But from then on, he was a spiritually committed [00:20:50] fellow, and I got to know him better. Learn more about his commitment, truly committed to [00:20:55] Christ. And it was wonderful to hear about his story straight from him. [00:21:00] And I add a lot of details that bring this story to life in the book, but I just love that story because [00:21:05] of Jesus personally appearing to him.

I've read other, those are more rare, of course, where somebody sees [00:21:10] Jesus personally, but I heard one last night. So they do happen. Wow. [00:21:15] Yeah. 

[00:21:16] Denisha: And what peace to hear everything is [00:21:20] alright. Like, what peace that must be, to hear that from the Lord Himself, and just, [00:21:25] even in the amount of excruciating pain and everything.

[00:21:27] Dr. Weld: Yes. Wow. And it's a common sentence in [00:21:30] the Bible, too. Right. There's a story in 2 Corinthians 4, where this woman lost her son, and then [00:21:35] goes to see the prophet Elijah, and Elijah sends Gehazi ahead, and says, ask this woman [00:21:40] what's going on. And she says, everything's alright, and then when she sees Elijah, she says, [00:21:45] everything is alright, but then she pours out her heart.

And then Elijah heals the son. But that's [00:21:50] pretty common to hear. Everything is all right. And not to worry. That's another. [00:21:55] Don't be afraid. Maybe the most common sentence in the Bible, I think. Don't be afraid. 

[00:21:59] Denisha: [00:22:00] Something to tether your heart to in hard times. That's for sure. Yeah. I remember in [00:22:05] your book, there were many medical miracles.

Can you comment on some 

[00:22:08] Dr. Weld: of those? There were a lot of [00:22:10] medical miracles. Yes. And four or five years ago, When I began to write this book, [00:22:15] well about six now, I heard that two people were going to be at a live [00:22:20] church. I think that's on North La Cholla, right? Here in Tucson. And they [00:22:25] told the story about how on their honeymoon, well it was Jessica and Phillip Tanner.

[00:22:30] That's their names. On their honeymoon, Jessica got really sick, and she was rushed to [00:22:35] the ER, and she had clots in both lungs, and she threw a massive clot [00:22:40] into her right heart, and she was clinically dead for 90 minutes. [00:22:45] Now, just to be clinically dead and not to have oxygen to your brain, or blood to your brain, for five [00:22:50] minutes is enough to usually kill you, or at least create lasting brain damage.[00:22:55]

And she had less than 1 percent chance of living. And if she did [00:23:00] live, she was supposed to be in a vegetative state. Well, a lot of prayer went out. And it's the same [00:23:05] with a lot of these stories. Some of these miracles, many of these miracles happen because of prayers, [00:23:10] okay? But prayer went out. And to make a long story short, she was [00:23:15] healed.

And the testimony that my wife Susan and I heard that day was truly amazing, told by [00:23:20] this very humble Jessica Tanner. And their family has a motto, I think this is over [00:23:25] the mantle of their fireplace. Little prayer, little power. More [00:23:30] prayer, more power. Much prayer, more power. [00:23:35] So, that's the story of, very briefly, of Jessica Tanner.

And I have [00:23:40] another medical miracle. A friend of mine named Ivan Rudolph, who's written two of my favorite [00:23:45] books, one is about near death experiences and the other one is very interesting and I won't, won't go into [00:23:50] it. But, he lives in Australia and he tells the story of a missions [00:23:55] trip he was on when he went to Rhodesia and he, he discovered [00:24:00] Or he read a story I think in the newspaper of a young man named Graham [00:24:05] Stokes and this kid had a bulldog bite so his jaw was deformed [00:24:10] and he went to see a dentist and the dentist was going to treat him and the family heard about a [00:24:15] service being held at a Pentecostal church and they went to the service [00:24:20] and during the church service Graham Stokes went up to the altar and all of a sudden [00:24:25] everybody in the church heard a loud crack.

And the loud crack was his [00:24:30] jaw being put back in place. And so when my friend Ivan Rudolph heard about this, it was [00:24:35] a week later after the miracle had happened, but it was still spoken about in the service. [00:24:40] And Ivan went up to the parents and said, Would you mind going [00:24:45] back to the dentist? Could we all go back to the dentist together?

And could he take another x ray? [00:24:50] And, because I'd like to see the proof to document this story. And so they all went back to the [00:24:55] dentist, and an x ray was taken. And when the dentist compared the two x rays, he literally [00:25:00] didn't believe it was the same person. He doubted it. But through other notes, and through the [00:25:05] testimony of the parents and such, they, you know, the dentist determined this is the same.[00:25:10]

person. And so, there's a documented miracle that [00:25:15] everybody saw, that the kid's jaw was put back into place. And then I [00:25:20] heard another medical miracle. This person is a Facebook friend, a pregnant woman named Cynthia [00:25:25] Palmer from Zeeland, Michigan. She had trouble [00:25:30] when she was pregnant, and it was predicted that her birth was going to be complicated, [00:25:35] and she would give birth to a deformed baby.

She's a future pastor, and [00:25:40] she now is a pastor, the Cynthia. And, um, the baby is going to be born with [00:25:45] spina bifida and another disease, and she was advised to have, in quotes, a [00:25:50] therapeutic abortion. And the risk factor of the baby being deformed was 9. [00:25:55] 5 on a scale of 0 to 10 very high. Well, she refused to get the [00:26:00] abortion.

And a ton of prayer support went up for her. And the [00:26:05] night before she had an ultrasound, an angel appeared. And the angel was rocking a [00:26:10] baby. And the angel told her that her baby would be born normal. [00:26:15] And that her mission was to get the baby to earth. And sure enough, the baby was [00:26:20] born normal. Normal. And I'll tell you about another incredible miracle.

[00:26:25] It's slightly a medical miracle, and it's also a rescue story. And this is told by [00:26:30]Julie Barrier. I think it's told on their podcast, or their website, [00:26:35] PreachItTeachIt. org. And Julie gave me permission to print it in the book. I have four of their stories in my [00:26:40] book from Roger and Julia. What a blessing they are, huh?

Okay. One [00:26:45] time, they had missionary friends that spoke at the church. [00:26:50] And this missionary couple to an African nation, good [00:26:55] friends of Roger and Julie, and the couple was attacked at night by rebels with [00:27:00] machetes. And the man threw himself on the wife's body to protect her, [00:27:05] covered her, and police were called or whatever they're called over there.

[00:27:10] And they arrived and they couldn't find their two children anywhere. The man and the woman were [00:27:15] still alive, barely. And a helicopter arrived to take them to a hospital, [00:27:20] and the helicopter was ready to leave without the kids. And just then the kids appeared. [00:27:25] And they were asked, where have you been? And the kids said, Jesus saved us.[00:27:30]

Jesus picked us up from wherever they were sleeping and hid them. [00:27:35] And so then the kids got on the helicopter, but there is another example of seeing Jesus [00:27:40] personally. And often it's the kids that have the real credible stories of seeing Jesus Christ, [00:27:45] because they haven't had input or any reason to lie, of course.[00:27:50]

[00:27:50] Denisha: Oh, that's amazing. Oh, my goodness. [00:27:55] You have two chapters in your book about historical figures, both well known and [00:28:00] relatively unknown, and you mentioned miracles that they experienced. Can you say a few [00:28:05] things about 

[00:28:05] Dr. Weld: them? Yes, there are several historical figures, well known and [00:28:10]unknown, in those two chapters, and one of them is George Washington.

And during the [00:28:15] French and Indian Wars, there was a famous battle called the Battle of Mahangahela, [00:28:20] and George Washington Had two horses shot out from under him, and [00:28:25] an Indian chief saw that he was unique among all the fighters and told his [00:28:30] braves to aim their rifles at George Washington. And they [00:28:35] had a good aim, all of these Indians, okay?

There are four bullet holes in George [00:28:40] Washington's coat as a result, but he wasn't even touched, okay? Well, I think it's 15 [00:28:45] years later that George Washington was in the Ohio River Valley [00:28:50] where this battle had taken place. He was riding with a fellow named Dr. Craig. [00:28:55] And the Indian chief knew that he was there, and he sent someone to say, I would like [00:29:00] to meet with this man, this great warrior that I saw in the Battle of Mahangahela.

So George [00:29:05] Washington went to meet with the Indian chief, and they sat around the fire, and [00:29:10] the Indian chief prophesied to him that he [00:29:15] would be the father of a great nation yet unborn. I have the whole [00:29:20] prophecy in the book. It's about a half page prophecy that the Indian, I don't know what the [00:29:25] Indian spiritual beliefs were, but he spoke truth to him and he said this man is going to be the father of a [00:29:30] great nation.

And from then on Washington felt invincible. I mean, one time he [00:29:35] just rode his horse back and forth between enemy lines between, you [00:29:40] know, our army and the British. And he was only, I think, 30 yards from the [00:29:45] British and everybody was shooting at him. And he was so brave, but he felt invincible and he was [00:29:50] invincible.

And he wasn't hit, and he became the father of a great nation. And Winston [00:29:55] Churchill also felt invincible. And actually, at age 16, Winston [00:30:00] Churchill told a good friend that he would one day be the leader of England and [00:30:05] would protect them from a great invasion and great devastation. [00:30:10] And that turned out to be true.

And [00:30:15] Winston Churchill would walk the streets of London as Nazi bombs were [00:30:20]falling on London. 30, 000 people were killed in London and much more in England, but 30, 000 [00:30:25] people were killed in London from those bombs. But while they were falling, Winston Churchill would walk the [00:30:30] streets encouraging the people because he had also had that calling on his life [00:30:35] and he felt invincible.

And another fellow mentioned in those chapters about [00:30:40] historical figures is a relative of mine named Theodore Weld. He was the greatest [00:30:45] abolitionist of the 19th century, and he had an accident too. When [00:30:50] he was riding in a carriage near Bexley, Ohio, about a mile from my house, where there was [00:30:55] a small river, but it was raging at the time, and he was in a carriage.

The carriage tipped [00:31:00] over, and he nearly drowned. Horses kept kicking him under the water. And there are [00:31:05] no houses around except for one. When, and he finally managed [00:31:10]to claw his way to the shore, grabbing on branches and such, you know. [00:31:15] And men from a nearby cabin rescued him. And he [00:31:20] came to be called the most mobbed man in America because of his stance on abolishing [00:31:25] slavery.

Okay. And he led Harry Beecher Stowe to [00:31:30] the Lord. And she wrote that book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, which was the [00:31:35] bestseller of its time, and before it was the bestseller, a book that Theodore Weld [00:31:40] wrote was the bestseller, which was all about the horrors of slavery and such, you know. So she based her [00:31:45] book, to a great extent, on his book.

But I like the fact that he had a calling on [00:31:50] his life, he had a destiny. And he was a very odd fellow. He would run around in the [00:31:55] woods. And, like he was autistic or something, just play in the [00:32:00] rain, and in the mornings he would dip his head in a barrel full of cold water, and his [00:32:05] hair was all frazzled, and he was a real odd guy.

And actually, George Finney. [00:32:10] led him to the Lord, and then he led Harry Beecher Stowe to the Lord. But a real odd guy, and [00:32:15] very many limitations other than those I'm mentioning. Lost his voice, and on. So, [00:32:20] almost the least likely man to be picked by God, but God chooses the weak things of the world to [00:32:25] confound the strong, because the weaker we are, the more we know it's God's work [00:32:30] that's doing wonderful and miraculous things through us.


[00:32:34] Denisha: [00:32:35] You know, what really stood out to me too, in those, both Georgia Washington [00:32:40] and also Theodore Weld, is that they felt invincible. Once they had that call [00:32:45] from God, even to hear everything's going to be all right from Jesus himself in the other [00:32:50] story, that That feeling of, we're going to be able to make this, that [00:32:55] invincible feeling of like holding and tethering yourself, no matter what your circumstances [00:33:00] show, but tethering yourself to something that God has done in your life, that is just really encouraging to [00:33:05] hear.

[00:33:05] Dr. Weld: Truly. And in the story of George Washington, I quote from a diary that he kept where he [00:33:10] talks about how Jesus Christ is Lord, and he's washed by the blood, and he was totally [00:33:15] committed to Christ. And even Winston Churchill was raised [00:33:20] in a boarding school, and his parents had very little to do with him, but he was raised by [00:33:25] a woman named Elizabeth Everett, who had devotional times with him every [00:33:30] morning, and Winston Churchill fell in love with the Word of God, and frequently used scriptures in [00:33:35] his speeches, so, so he loved the Lord, and so all three of those people [00:33:40] had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and they did have that sense of destiny, which was really [00:33:45]incredible.

[00:33:45] Denisha: Oh, that sure is. Ah, Chad, I could listen to these stories [00:33:50] all day long. That is the benefit of reading your book. 

[00:33:54] Dr. Weld: Yeah, I could get the book [00:33:55] out and go through them all day long and tell you others. I've read over [00:34:00] 3, 000 of these. Wow. It's sort of a hobby. Yeah. I'll 

[00:34:03] Denisha: bet it was hard to pull them together for [00:34:05] just one book to pick out which ones you would 

[00:34:07] Dr. Weld: use.

Well, I picked out most of the ones that I've been hearing for [00:34:10] the last 15 years from different people. Yeah. And several that I'd read too, of course. 

[00:34:14] Denisha: Oh, [00:34:15] that's awesome. I, we could talk about this all day. Well, [00:34:20] unfortunately all good things have to come to a close. So before we close today, can you tell us [00:34:25] how we can know that God is in the crazy of our lives?

[00:34:30] Because boy, he sure is. 

[00:34:32] Dr. Weld: Yes, that, that's an excellent [00:34:35] question, and as the Bible says, we see through a glass darkly now, [00:34:40] and as, as a philosopher said, we live like forward and understand it [00:34:45] backwards. And often, it's only in looking back that we see how [00:34:50]God has worked all things together for good, as Romans 8, 28 says.

And I [00:34:55] love that scripture in Psalm 102, 17. He will respond to the prayer of the [00:35:00]destitute. He will not despise their plea. I met a man yesterday whose [00:35:05] teenage son died a few years back. I don't know how much God will reveal to him [00:35:10] or to any of us about tragedies of this proportion in our lifetime. [00:35:15] Some of our sufferings will only be understood or fully understood in heaven, I believe.[00:35:20]

But I think of the angel that told Joseph that the son that Mary was going to give [00:35:25] birth to would be called Jesus, and he would also be known as Emmanuel, which means [00:35:30] God with us. And that's our biggest hope at Christmas time, and at all times, [00:35:35] that God is with us. 

[00:35:37] Denisha: Your book gives hope and lifts our [00:35:40] spirit because it tells the stories of times when we tangibly knew that God was [00:35:45] with people and you give lots of scripture.

And as you said, you talk about [00:35:50] important life lessons. I think many of our listeners could benefit from reading your book. God is [00:35:55] in the crazy. I think this is a great way to start the new year. You know, we make, we're going [00:36:00] to do that. I go to the gym this year. We always do it in January. And I think [00:36:05] starting the year with miracles is a great way to start the year.

So can you tell us [00:36:10] how to get God is in the crazy? Yes. 

[00:36:12] Dr. Weld: Okay. You can get the book by going to amazon. [00:36:15] com. Barnes and Noble, and other [00:36:20] online platforms, and just enter my name or enter the book, God is in the Crazy. You can [00:36:25] go to Gospel Supplies here in Tucson, on East Broadway. Um, and any [00:36:30] bookstore, actually anywhere, can order it.

And it would be delivered, and I'm making [00:36:35] an audible version right now, and that will be available in three or four months for people that have audible. I [00:36:40] know I'm always, oftentimes, listening to a book in the car. And they [00:36:45] have a book signing on Saturday, March 16th at Gospel Supplies from 11 [00:36:50] in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.

Gospel Supplies on East Broadway. 

[00:36:54] Denisha: [00:36:55] That's awesome. Oh, I hope some of our gals here in Tucson will come out, um, [00:37:00] March 16th. I'm going to send out a reminder to our ladies here in Tucson, if that's okay with you, as we [00:37:05] get a little bit closer, so they can come and pick up a copy of the book and, and meet you personally [00:37:10] there.


[00:37:10] Dr. Weld: thank you, Denise. That'd be very nice. I've done this twice already, and I've had a [00:37:15] great time talking to people, and it's a wonderful store. 

[00:37:18] Denisha: I think we need the miracles [00:37:20] right now. Our world is crazy and you are demonstrating the power of [00:37:25] God right now. 

[00:37:26] Dr. Weld: That's a fact. It's a crazy world and God is there for all of us [00:37:30] and He's in the middle of our crazy.

He's God, He's Emmanuel. He's God with us [00:37:35] and that's pretty exciting. 

[00:37:36] Denisha: It sure is. Ah, Chet, thank you so much for being with us today. [00:37:40] Well 

[00:37:40] Dr. Weld: thank you for having me, Denisha. Yeah, I've been talking about my favorite topic and [00:37:45] it's wonderful to 

[00:37:45] Denisha: be with you. Well, thank you for pulling all those stories together into one book so we can read it [00:37:50] all 

[00:37:50] Dr. Weld: together.

Several of them, at least. Oh, into one book, yeah. Yes, 

[00:37:54] Denisha: into one place, [00:37:55] because that's a lot of, you did a lot of research behind that as well, so. Gosh, 

[00:37:58] Dr. Weld: yeah, about 250 [00:38:00] footnotes, probably over 100 of them are references to scriptures and such. Yeah, so I did do a lot of [00:38:05] research, took me several years to write 

[00:38:06] Denisha: it.

Wow. Oh, well, thank you for writing that. We sure appreciate [00:38:10] reading it. Thank you, Denisha. God bless you. Well, as we close today, [00:38:15] we are going to come back for our next episode on January 8th and you [00:38:20] guys won't want to miss it. This is going to be our fifth year anniversary episode. [00:38:25] So until then, we hope all of you have a wonderful Merry Christmas [00:38:30] and that you too can look for the miracles that God is doing in our midst every [00:38:35]day.

Thanks for listening. I pray you found hope in today's [00:38:40] conversation and maybe. Even feel a little less alone in your story. Stay connected [00:38:45] with us on Facebook and Instagram at Reclaimed Story. Want to learn [00:38:50] more about living a reclaimed life and how you can be a part of our growing community of [00:38:55] reclaimers?

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