Living the Reclaimed Life

#72 Is God Always Good? ~ Patty Cossette

September 19, 2022 Season 3 Episode 72
Living the Reclaimed Life
#72 Is God Always Good? ~ Patty Cossette
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Have you ever wondered if God is always good? In our choice of words, we hear that we should try to avoid absolutes. Words like; all the time, every, always, never. As I talk with people, I try not to use language like that.  Chances are, even though I may want to say... you always do this, the truth may be that they often do that, but they probably don't always do that.

What about God? Can we say that God is
always good? That His love for us is unconditional, absolute? Can we perform to earn more of His love? We will explore these topics and more in this conversation.

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Patty Cossette, Denisha Workizer


Denisha Workizer  00:00

Have you ever wondered if God is always good? In our choice of words, we hear that we should try to avoid absolutes. Words like all the time, every, always never. As I talk with people, I try not to use language like that. Because chances are even though I may want to say you always do this, the truth is, they may often do that. But they probably don't always do that. What about God? Can we say that God is always good? That His love for us is unconditional absolute? Can we perform to earn more of His love? We're going to explore these topics and more in this conversation with Patti coset. And however, you are listening to this podcast, would you be sure to subscribe? And if you enjoy it, would you rate and review us? That is a huge help as we desire to reach more people with hope and healing. So now let's dive in to this episode with Patty. Welcome to Living the Reclaim life Podcast. I'm Tanisha. We're glad you're here for conversations that revive hope, inspire healing, and encourage you to live a vibrant life with Christ. So grab a cup of coffee as we chat with today's guest. Well, today, I am so excited to have my friend Patti coset. Back with us. We're going to have Patty this week. And next week as we continue to talk about more lies that we believe. Last week we talked about how do we counter the lies with truth? And how did you want to kind of maybe we should start today with where we left off last week? Do you want to kind of cover some of the some of the tips because I think it really translates into even the message that we're going to be talking about today?


Patty Cossette  01:56

Definitely, because what we want to be doing is countering these lies with truth. And that's what we talked about last week is how do we do that? How do we counter the lies that we believe with truth. And so one of the things we talked about is that we need to first recognize the lie, we need to recognize that that is a lie that it isn't truth, then we need to figure out where did that lie come in? Where did it recognize its roots? Where are the roots of this lie? Was it something that someone said over me? Was it something that I've experienced? Was it a trauma? Was it abuse? Was it various? Was it a disappointment, those different places where things can come in like that, and then we are going to replace the lie with truth. Now, and this is where we talked about the fact that truth is the word of God. It is also the person of Jesus to remember that he is the truth. And we find the real truth when we are in relationship with him. And then it is also the spirit of truth. And it is the Spirit of God that dwells inside of us. And leads us into all truth and brings transformation. So it is those three things that we talked about that we can begin to replace those lies, and bring in truth in our innermost being, which is what He desires for each and every one of us that we would change from the inside out.


Denisha Workizer  03:27

Such practical ways. I love how you broke that down for us last week. And just as you said, just different the ways that we can look at it and the order in which we can take things to begin to speak the truth over things and not listening to those lies. Right,


Patty Cossette  03:40

right. And sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it's hard. And so today we're going to be talking about some lies we believe about God. And one of the reasons we're doing this at the beginning is because how we look at God. And what we believe about him, basically is a foundation for how we view life and how we view all that happens to us in life. And so we're gonna look at one that you may have said, or we have definitely heard you've heard people say this, and that is that God is not good. Now, if we've been in Christian circles, Tanisha we know what to say. And that is, God is good all the time. All the time. God is good. All right. So we've all heard that, okay. And so we know we're not supposed to say that God is not good. But sometimes in your heart, in my heart, we start to think that way. And one of the reasons we can begin to think that way is because life isn't all good. Not everything that happens in the life that we leave is good. It's not all good times. And so when bad things happen, we begin to doubt that God is good. We experience suffering in this life. We experience all kinds of disappointments in this life, when things don't go the way we think they should when we watch the news, oh, I'm you just look at what's happening in our world. And we're like, good heavens, how could this be happening? If God is good? How can all these things be happening if God is actually good? And I don't know, maybe you've heard that from people? I have. I've heard I hear it sometimes from my adult children like, well, how can you believe that God is good look at the world around you. Well, I want to tell you one time that God did a do over once. Have you ever wondered, you know, maybe God just needs to wipe out all the bad people? Okay, God, just how about you just get rid of all the bad people, and then everything will be fine. Well, he actually did that once. He got very upset with his creation, he looked. And he saw that it says that man was doing evil continually, just continually, which maybe at times we can say that about our society at the moment. We look at our world and all kinds of people are doing evil continually. Well, God came with a flood. He picked one family, he protected them. This is that story of Noah and the flood, and he wiped out every other creature. Not all the animals, he remember, we had to buy to all that kind of fun stuff. But it was a do over. But then he promised something, he put a rainbow in the sky afterwards, promising that he would never again destroy the Earth by a flood, that he wouldn't do it again. So he's made a promise that he wasn't going to just destroy everybody and just wipe them out because they're bad. Now, some of us wish he would, but he's not. So we still have to live with things that happen. Denise, I was mentioning to her Denise just a moment ago that, you know, we even have this in our insurance policies. Yeah, it's Yeah, so we can have any kind of disaster. That's an act of God. So even there, it sounds like God is not good, because God brings hurricanes and God brings earthquakes and God brings floods, and God God does all these bad things. So well, unfortunately, that isn't all true. God, that he's the one who did all the bad things. Much of what happens in this world is because it's a broken one. So the other thing he did a do over once. But also remember, he sent his son, he sent he continued to pursue his creation, never stopping, he continues to pursue you and me today, he sent his son to live before us and give us an example of how we live in relationship with him. He came, that same sun came to die, to die on a cross and pay the penalty for our sin. But he didn't stay in the grave. He rose again from the dead in triumph, in victory over sin, over death, and over the enemy of our souls. He did all those things, because he's good. And he continues to pursue us.


Patty Cossette  08:29

So he never makes mistakes. And he is good. Now, but we already said that not everything feels good. Nor is it good. I don't know that I can even call it all things good. But there's a verse in Romans, that says, not that all things are good. But it says that all things work together for good, they work together. To for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. That chapter continues. So this is in Romans eight, starting at verse 28. But more verses as we go down all the way through the end of that chapter, it says, So what shall we say to these things? If God is for us, then who can be against us? If he did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all? How will He not also with Him freely give us all things? Who can separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation or distressed or persecution or famine or nakedness? Or peril or sword? In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us, For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus. That's our good God. That's who he is. He hasn't quit. Many of these things we we do, we walk by faith, because we live in a world of trouble. We live in a tribe, a place where things are broken. It's been broken by sin. And what people do, let's be honest, people hurt people. And many times, it's because they've been hurt themselves. So this is a hurting world. And many of us have seen the consequences of what hurting people can do. Many of us have experienced it. Maybe some of us have done it. Where we've actually been the cause of pain for someone else. I know I have been, I am not perfect, ladies and gentlemen, not by any stretch of the imagination, and I have hurt people. And you don't ever intended. But we're not perfect. And we won't live in a world that's not perfect. And so, but our God is good. He is good. In Psalm 119, it says, You are good talking about God, you are good and you do good. He is good. At what he does is good. Even when I don't understand it, I don't get it. I don't understand what's going on in those situations. So that's where we have to, like we said last time, we have to counsel our heart and say, All things are going to work together for good. He ultimately has my good. And so therefore I'm going to trust him in the middle of what I don't understand. I'm going to trust him in this. Because I know he's going to work it together for my good. Because that's who he is. Well, that leads us to another one. What's that next slide, we're going to talk about that God


Denisha Workizer  12:27

doesn't love me. There's so much wrapped up in that, right? So even if we are believers, that what if God doesn't love me, is bad things happening in my life, because God doesn't love me is there's so many different experiences that we can have in our life that can have us question God's love for us.


Patty Cossette  12:48

And we can and it it's just not true. He loves you, He loves us. And yet we can feel like we that he might like everybody else. He might love everybody else. But he doesn't really love me. Because maybe I'm not good enough. Or, or I've done something you don't know. I'm not gonna tell you what I did. But I've done something that not even God could forgive or love. Love me after I did something like that. There are a lot of feelings that we can have wrapped up in this one. We can feel that if, for example, we had possibly parents or relationships where we ended up if we did something wrong, then love with was withheld. Affection was withheld. It's like, okay, when you change, then you can come and give me a hug or then you can come out of your room or then you know, where we've just kind of withheld affection or withheld love through punishment. No, you know, I don't Okay, I'm a parent, I'm a parent of four. Did I ever do that? Yes, I did we talked about this last time as well is that we can instill shame, never intending to do it. We're just disciplining. We're trying to show those children that they need to be Hey, we're trying to teach and train and sometimes our methods are, are lacking. And so we may have experienced that as a child as well. Or maybe not just as a child, but also in friendships or other relationships is like if you don't measure up, then you're not worthy of being loved. But that's not who our God is. His love is on condition. You know, in Romans in Romans five eight, he says, God demonstrates His own love toward It's us in while in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. He didn't say, I will go to the cross to redeem you. If you behave this way, this way, in this way, it wasn't conditional. This is God's choice. It was God's choice. It was his effort, it had nothing to do with the fact that okay, now you're going to behave right. It was, I love you, therefore, I'm going to pay the price for your sin that you might once again be able to enter into relationship with Me with all your sin, hit your sins forgiven, where your forgiveness is complete, and it is total and you are washed, clean. I'm doing that not based on you. I'm doing that based on me. Because I am love. It has nothing to do with what I do. It is all about who he is. Just like Jesus said, I am truth. We know that God is love. And so he acts out of his nature, because it's his nature to love. And his love is unconditional. But we don't always live that way. Do we


Denisha Workizer  16:28

know so true? In the beginning, you said what we believe about God impacts our everyday life, I would say that this lie that we're tackling today with is God always good, or God isn't always good, I guess would be the lie. That is probably one of the biggest lies that if we get that one set, right, that God is good. And that is truth versus how we feel versus our circumstances and situations. That if we get that one lined up, right, I'll bet it would change our whole lens and how we see the world and how we read scripture, everything. You know, when people say if I go into church lightnings going to strike me and oh, yeah, what if we went in, if I go into church, I'm going to be loved unconditionally. If we flip our view of God, it really does change everything.


Patty Cossette  17:16

You know, it's so funny, we if you think of cartoons of God, okay, so you always have him up on this big throne. He's an old guy, he's got this big, long beard, you know, and then he's usually has maybe like Thunderbolts in his hand. So it's like, okay, I'm waiting for him. Oh, you are a that don't do that. Again, if you don't do it again, then you won't get a thunderbolt, you know. So, you know, remember, the God of the Bible is not Zeus, all right. Those were the gods of the Greeks and many other cultures where it was completely, you were treated good if you behaved and you are treated very badly if you didn't behave. And so your relationship with God was all about trying to placate God, so that no bad things would happen to you. It's like, if I do good stuff, then he's not gonna I'm not going to have bad things happen to me. And that is, throughout so many societies where that is their spiritual view. If I behave right, then things will go right. If I do, right, things will go right. Well, you know what, it's not just in other cultures. This is my story. So I, when I was in my 20s, I went on staff with a church and I was sent to Boulder, Colorado. Now Boulder, Colorado, if you don't know, is the home of the University of Colorado. It is also a city that it prides itself on many liberal thought liberal ideas. And also in the governance of the city. They see themselves as a place of great liberalism and freedom and choice and all these different things. And so, I went and I was a women's evangelist and a woman's pastor. So I went there to help rebuild a campus ministry. So I used things that had brought success other places. Well, just gonna tell you none of it worked. None of it worked. Absolutely nothing. And I was like, great. This is awesome. It is also the only place I've ever been spat upon for sharing the gospel. Yeah, I didn't know I was being that offensive, but apparently was. So yeah, I had a woman's spit on me for sharing Jesus and so nothing was working. I Everything was going badly. And I am a very much a success oriented person, you know, if things are going bad, I tried to figure out what's going on. And I couldn't figure out anything and nothing was working. So I'm also a person who very much had a checklist. I had a checklist to figure out if I was doing good. So I had that with God, too. I had a checklist, you know, did have a quiet? Did I do this? Did I do that? I had this lovely little checklist. And, you know, it made me feel like okay, well, God can love me today, because I've been good. That's right. I earned it today. And so this is this was a little bit of my psyche. So things are starting to not go well. All right, so I had done all the right things, and it was yielding no fruit whatsoever. So that's putting me on shaky ground, not understanding. Some of you can call this being performance oriented, meaning I feel good about myself, when I perform well, I feel badly about myself, if I perform badly, those are, and it's not just, I need to do better. It's, I'm not good. I am not worthy, when I'm not performing well. And that was how my some of my relationship with God was at that time. And so then our pastor decided to start preaching about how we were free in Christ, how we were free in Christ. And he was going on and on about how we were free how we were free from the law. And we were free from this and free from that. I sat in the front row, because I was on staff. So I'm sitting in the front row. And he later told me, he's like, I had to stop looking at you. Because your face was so you look so mad, and so upset. I was like, that's because I was I was really mad. I was like you are taking away my checklist. That is how I figure out if I'm good or not. Do you not understand that? Do you not realize all the things you're supposed to do?


Patty Cossette  22:04

Well, I knew something was not okay with me. I'm really smart that way. So anyway, I figured out I was not okay. So I went to this place. In Boulder, you go up into the mountains into Boulder Canyon. And then there's this beautiful place called boulder falls. On the weekends. It's full of lots of people, because it's a beautiful piece of nature. And there's this waterfall. So waterfalls are so loud and so wonderful. So I went there on a Monday, a Monday morning, there was no one there, but me and God. So I went and the reason I went there was so I could yell, and no one would hear me. I was like, What are you doing? God, I don't understand. I'm doing it right. I'm doing it right. And it's not working. Nothing's working. And now he's talking about being free. I don't understand. I was mad. I was sad. I didn't know what to do. I was frustrated. And finally I stopped and I started to cry. And I heard a voice inside my heart is quiet still voice that just said, Are you done for now. And he began to tell me that he didn't make me for what I could do for him. He didn't make me to live with a checklist, that that wasn't what made me worthy of His love. And he just loved me for himself. I didn't even know what to do with. It just began to blow my mind. That there, I didn't have to get more worthy. And if I did good that he would love me more. He'll loved me, period. He loved me. So I was reading a book called by a man named Francis Schaeffer. And he had a, an illustration that he used that just resonated in my heart. And that was said somewhere up on the high Alps, in the spring, are flowers that bloom that no one no person will ever see. He didn't create them to bring beauty to someone else. He created them for himself. And I began to get a deeper understanding that God had made me for himself and for his pleasure. He basically spoke to me and said, Patti, if you never do another thing for me, if you never lead another person to the Lord, if You never teach another Bible study if you never do another thing. That's okay. I will love you just the same. And it just began to transform me. It brought real freedom Am I shared these things with my passwords? Like I was wondering what your problem was, I had one. But it transformed me, it truly began to change me as I stopped believing the lie, that his love was conditioned that I could, he would love me more if I performed well, God's not a utilitarian God, he didn't make you for what you could do for him. He made you for himself. Because he loves you. And He wants you to know His love, then you won't return his love, that he's made you for relationship, not for what you can do for God.


Denisha Workizer  25:47

I'm curious, when you were sitting in the front row of that church, and the pastor starts preaching about that. And you knew something wasn't settling? Right? This went against everything that you believed. Did you know that you were carrying the weight of performance at that point? Or was that the first moment that you began? Did you know you carry that and just kind of decided this is what you are going to do? Or was that the moment that you realized it just didn't align


Patty Cossette  26:14

with? It was the beginning of that. It was a it was a really beginning point. That breaking of how deep that was in my life, because it affected how I treated people, it affected how I allowed people to treat me, it affected many different areas of my life. And so it was a beginning of the breaking of those constructs I had in my life, those habits, those ways of thinking, the ways of reacting and acting, began to change and shift. And he began to open doors for me that had not been open before. And actually took me down a road of learning more and more about inner healing and deliverance at that time, because I began to see my deep need of it, and learn a lot more about it and learn that word performance orientation and how deep it is in so many of us. Because our society is kind of that way it is. And so it's a we don't even know how much it affects the way we think, the way we receive compliments the way we receive anything, how we parent how we are in our marriages, I was sharing with Tanisha just a moment ago, ladies that I told my husband that it was a good thing that we got married later in life and that I had worked out a lot of this mess in my life. Because as we know that when we are in our marriage relationship, as God deals with things in our lives, often the stuff explodes on your spouse while you're dealing with this mess that's going on inside of you is God's beginning to bring it up and like you need to be thankful that God did a lot of his work before we ever got married, because you would not have enjoyed was coming out of me


Denisha Workizer  28:07

because some of our listeners right now just got free. loves Jesus yells at God by waterfalls and had things to work out. So that more didn't spill out a marriage like that. I hope everybody listening right now feels very normal. Because this is real life. Right? This is so real. This is very, very real.


Patty Cossette  28:33

Oh ladies, I think I said this last time if it ain't real, if it don't work, then let's not do it. But God is the one who sets us free. He is the one who brings transformation. He is the one who takes us from right where we are and changes us on the inside. Oh my gosh, it's it's so amazing when we walk with Him. And He does the work in our lives, man. You know, there's another lie that we can often believe. And that is God is just like my father.


Denisha Workizer  29:13

I hear this one patty all the time in our work with women. I one time I was praying with a woman over over a zoom call actually. And when I start my prayer because of my story, right father to me is is Daddy God, you know, and I know that kind of sounds silly, you know to some but to me, that's what it means. Like Daddy God like I imagined being a little girl and climbing up in his lap to just sit and rock and listen to his heartbeat. And just that's how I enter my quiet time. And when I began praying for this person and I said father and she said Stop right there, and you've lost me. So this is I thank you so much for touching on this particular line because there's so many of us that do believe that God is like our earthly father.


Patty Cossette  29:58

And some of them's have a beauty full picture like you have. And then some of us don't. Whether he was abusive, because that's terribly ran rampant in our society has been throughout history, whether he'd be abusive whether he'd be absent, where he was just absent, or was he just not reachable? He might have been there. But he was emotionally absent, where he never interacted with you. He never, you never had a connection with him. So we can think that God might be like that we can have where he promised, but never fulfilled. Many kids of divorce have had that time where dad was supposed to come pick them up for something that he promised he was going to do. And then they got that phone call. Well, some came up, your dad's not able to do it, he's not. And so whether it be his new family took priority over his old family, whether it be all these different feelings that come up because of things we've experienced through life. But that's not who our God is. That's not the father that he is. And that was new, really, when Jesus came. And he began to teach his disciples that with this is how we pray, Our Father, who art in heaven, you don't find that word. In a lot of the Old Testament, you don't have people addressing God as Father, but you do with Jesus. That's what we call them. And he said, he's your father as well. And so he is a good father. He's a faithful father. He does what He promises to do. And he brings good into our lives, you know, in numbers 23, there's a verse that says that God is not a man, that he should lie. And so we need to be careful not to allow those pictures and those experiences that we've had to color, your view of God. Now it already has. And so remember, how do we deal with these things? We deal with them with truth. We take the lie, where we've said, Well, he's just like my father. I can't trust him. And even if you don't say it, but it might be down in there. Let God show you. Let him show you. Where are you? You've chosen to think, well, he's just like my father. Maybe you never thought that you were thinking of God that way. But there's a distrust in your relationship with God, where you're always quick to say, Well, it probably won't happen anyway. It probably isn't gonna happen. And that might be because with your dad, it didn't always happen. No, no, that he is good. That he has, you're good. And you're best in mind, that all things work together for your good, that he is present, that he is not absent, that he is right there. And you can be upset with him. And he doesn't walk away. You can tell the truth about all that you're feeling. And he doesn't walk away. He doesn't leave. He doesn't leave. Ladies. I've said a lot of things. You know, one of my favorite guys in the Bible is Jeremiah. Because Jeremiah yelled at God all the time. He did nothing but come he complained. He yelled, he was like, I can't believe it. You told me to say this. I go and say it. Nobody listens. And in fact, they threw me in a pit. That's what I get for serving you. I can't even believe it. I mean, he was mad. He was upset. Exactly. I don't know if very many of you ladies know a bunch of Jewish friends of yours. I have a bunch of Jewish friends. One of the things I love about my Jewish friends is how blunt and forthright they are about all their feelings. Now you gotta be able to take it, ladies. You gotta be able to take it. But it is a beautiful thing because they are that way with God as well. And they're just like, God, this isn't okay. I don't understand what's going on here. And he's okay with that. And he will, he will speak with you and work with you and walk with you through every part of it. I think sometimes we Christians have these pictures of how we're supposed to behave. Christians don't yell.


Patty Cossette  34:46

Okay, sorry. Okay, so you're not supposed to yell. You're not supposed to get mad You're not supposed to. There's so many things we're not supposed to do. Guess what? God's bigger than all of our preconceptions and he is Good, and he is love. He is love. That is who he is. And that doesn't change no matter what you do. It doesn't change. You know the other thing, so be careful not to allow disappointment, or disillusionment, some of those things we talked about with Valerie. Don't allow those things to steal your relationship with God. Trust Him, counsel your heart, counsel your heart and say no, he is good. He loves me. He wants the best for me. He is working things together for my good. Don't let that darkness don't let the disappointments of life the troubles of like dark in your view of God, don't let that shadow come over what is real and what is true and what is right about who God is, and his love for you choose to believe truth. Choose ladies, we have choice. We have choices, we can choose to believe lies. Or we can begin to choose to believe truth. Now, if we have been seriously harmed in life, is one little exercise gonna make everything good? No, no, it's not because it's a process. So what we've talked about is we also need to get to the roots, we want to discover the lies, we believe we want to get to the roots of where they came in. And sometimes getting to those roots. And then going forward from those roots involve counselors involved, sometimes it even involves medication, sometimes it will have, they will be many layers to getting fully free. Depending upon the roots of it may have been trauma, it may have been abuse, it may have been some of these things that don't get fixed with just a choice. But that choice is a beginning point. It's a beginning place. And as you work forward from that he may lead you into these other things, these other layers that are going to help you get free. Get Whole Again, behold, to be healthy again, in all the areas of life. I'm not talking about just something that's quick, easy, simple. I'm not trying to negate the depth of some of our pain and the depth of some of the things that have brought these lies into our lives. They're real. But there is an answer, there is a path forward that you can take. You know, one more thing I wanted to mention about him being our father is that sometimes that father brings discipline into our lives. Now he loves us, no matter what mess where he loves us. But he also loves us enough to not leave us in the mass to not leave us there to help us grow and mature and point out things that need to change. And that's that discipline, that discipline that training, which fathers bring. So he will love you in your mess. He will love you in your darkness. But he is faithful to say this is how we move forward. And sometimes it's step by step. You know, in Psalm 46, it says, Here's a very present help in the trouble in the hard places in the storm. You know, there's that phrase that says that sometimes God calms the storm. And sometimes he calms the child in the storm. He'll do a changing work inside me. He might not take away all my circumstances. But that doesn't mean he doesn't love me. He's bringing me through. And often then when the next storm comes, I stand firmer in it, I stand stronger in it because I learned things he taught me He changed me that who our Father is that our good father, that we know that who loves you, and continues to transform you and change you from the inside out.


Denisha Workizer  39:26

You know, and I think after we can hold strongly that God is good, that he wants the best for his children love. I love what you said there. I think the next thing that we can hold on to is that he is with us. That He sees us. He hears us he heard your hollering that day by the waterfall. He sees what we're going through and he has seen what we've gone through and he has been with us in the midst. For me that is one of the most healing things First of all, I need to know he's good to find comfort in knowing he's with me. But then once I know he's good, knowing he's with me, changes everything.


Patty Cossette  40:09

It does, it just changes all of it.


Denisha Workizer  40:13

Well, thank you so much for listening today. And next week, we're going to talk about something that us women deal with a lot. And that is emotions. So stay tuned as we talk about, can we trust our emotions, or I can trust my emotions. If I feel this, we're all going to feel this. So we're going to talk about that next week. But this week, we hope that you've come away with some encouragement that God is truly good. So when we do say, you know, God is good all the time, and all the time that is good. He truly is guys. And so I hope that that becomes more than a saying that we repeat as we start women's ministry, but that that is become something that you know, deep in your heart. So thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next week.


Denisha Workizer  41:06

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