Living the Reclaimed Life

#71 Countering The Lies With Truth ~ Patty Cossette

September 12, 2022 Season 3 Episode 71
Living the Reclaimed Life
#71 Countering The Lies With Truth ~ Patty Cossette
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How do you know when you believe a lie in your life? Sometimes they can be hard to detect; how do we live in the truth and expose the lies we believe?  In this episode, Patty Cossette will lead us through the process of counteracting the lies we believe with what is true. You aren't going to want to miss this episode!

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Patty Cossette, Denisha Workizer

Denisha Workizer  00:00

How do you know when you believe a lie? Sometimes they can be hard to detect. So how do we live in the truth and expose the lies that we believe about our life? In this episode, Patti coset will lead us through the process of counteracting the lies we believe with what is true, you aren't going to want to miss this episode. Before we start, when you look in the mirror each morning, what do you tell yourself? Do you look in that mirror and say, I am valued, I am loved. I am enough. Do you hold your head up high and declare that your future is bigger than your past, that you have courage, hope and that whether you are on the mountaintop, or the valley floor, that God is greater than the highs and lows of life, friends, those things are true. But for many of us as we reclaim our stories and heal from a painful past, that may not be the go to story we tell ourselves. And that is why we created a jewelry line just for you with these truths inscribed on beautiful stainless steel jewelry, so that when you put on your bracelet or necklace, you can declare it as you wear it. Go to reclaim and click on shop that's reclaimed Click on shop to browse over 45 pieces of custom jewelry all around $20 to encourage you or someone you love with truth today. We provide free shipping in the US and we even include a handwritten note. So let us know if there's someone special you're sending something to today. Now, let's dive into this episode as we counter more lies with truth with my friend Patty coset. Welcome to Living the Reclaim life Podcast. I'm Tanisha We're glad you're here for conversations that revive hope inspire healing and encourage you to live a vibrant life with Christ. So grab a cup of coffee as we chat with today's guest. I am so excited about this episode, I get to share you guys with a very special friend of mine and spiritual mama Patty coset.


Patty Cossette  02:11

Thanks, Tanisha. It's really nice to be here. I'm really thankful for an opportunity to be with you.


Denisha Workizer  02:16

I don't know if you guys remember. But about a year ago, we had Patti on the podcast and it was just not only was it a lot of fun. We get a lot of wisdom from Patty as well. So I have her in my personal life and I am just so excited to be able to share her today with all of you. In the last week Valerie and I talked about Did God really say and that was the first lie in the Bible. We covered the lie in the garden and how the enemy uses doubt distraction, diminishment discontentment and desire to tempt us to believing the lies. So now today, we're going to talk about how do we know when we're believing a lie? Because when we're deceived, we are very just that we are deceived. So how do we know when we're believing a lie? And what do we do when we find that we are? So Patti, I am so excited to have you in for this conversation today.


Patty Cossette  03:07

Well, I am so glad to be here. And ladies, just I want you to just relax. Listen, some of this may resonate, it might hit. And that's when we kind of go, oh, maybe I need to think about these things. So if something starts to go, Oh, wow. Okay. That's what we want to see happen. So really that question, how do I know when I'm believing a lie? Well, that's kind of hard. Just as Denise just said, it's hard to know, when you are deceived that you're deceived. So anyway, but one of the ways we can know is that Jesus actually promised us an abundant life, he said that we he came that we might have life and that we might have it in abundance. So sometimes we just need to look at our own lives. So take a look at your life. Look at your emotions, look at your choices. Look at your reactions to situations. Are you living in anxiety? Are you living in worry? Are you living in anger? Depression? Do you try to just escape your life is binge watching one of your favorite things to do? No, I'm not gonna say I don't because I do so but I also have to watch myself because very honestly, this is one of mine. That's one of my places is escaping my life. And so it's like what's going on in me? I have to begin to look at it. Are we living in avoidance? We just avoid difficult situations. We don't address them we just avoid them. Or do we simply after these last couple of years do we have a soul sickness? There are just so many surveys and percentages of people who are just living in depression living in anxiety Over the last couple of years more people are on medication more people just to cope with living. This is what we're finding in our society right now. So when we see some of these things we begin, we need to say, what's going on in my wife? Is there a lie that I might be believing? So, our next step is to recognize the lie. And that's not easy. And sometimes we need help with that. It might be a book, we have two that we've been looking at. One is by Deborah Waterbury, called the lies that bind. Another one we've been looking at is a book by Nancy DeMoss, called lies that women believe. So these are books that kind of they will simply list some of the lies that we might believe in, and then you begin to say, oh, yeah, that resonates inside me that I do believe that. Wow. Okay, so that's one of the ways or listening to someone else speak. Because as we come the next couple of weeks, we're going to be talking about some of these very specifically, as we go forward. And so as you're listening, you might say, That's me. Yes, that's me. So, books can help us podcast can help us also, good friends can help us they might see something in us that we don't see. Have you ever experienced that danisha Where someone else has been able to see something you can't see.


Denisha Workizer  06:36

I'm sitting across the table from one of those people in my life who Yeah, it's things that I can't see for myself, because it's either wallpaper or something that I've just utilized as a way to cope with a lie or something. And you've come to me, I know, and said, Hey, have you thought about this? And that has opened up my eyes to see things at different times as well.


Patty Cossette  06:58

And I've had some of those same kinds of people in my life. Sally Nipe, somebody that you all have heard before as well, Sally Nipe is one of those people for me, I have other people like that for me, who can often see, okay, you're not okay. Do you think this might be rude, this might be a cause of what's going on. And that's ladies remember, God made us to be in community. He didn't make us to be alone. Sometimes, the lies can cause us to pull away from the very people and from our loving God, who are the only sources where we can find freedom, and yet we will pull away from them. And so we need to go counteractive to that, we need to do the opposite of what we want to do, we might want to hide. But we need to come to you need to go to that friend. You need to come to God and say, God, what is the lie unbelieving? revealed to me? Where I'm not okay, can you show it to me? I want to know. And he will show you he's so faithful to answer that kind of prayer. He is faithful. So we ask God to reveal it. So in Psalm 51, six, it says that He desires truth in our innermost being. So this is actually something that he wants to do. He wants to brute out those lies and bring truth into our innermost being. So each lie that we believe often has a root of where it came into our lives. So that would be the next step is identify the root of that lie. Where did it come? Where did it come into my life, it could be an experience, it could be a disappointment. It could be something that is said over you or to you, we were just talking about that, that this can happen when we're very young. It can happen from a parent, what were you talking about earlier? Tanisha. About that.


Denisha Workizer  09:09

I've been studying shame recently, and learned that shame can actually come into a child as young as 18 months to two years old. And the example they gave was of a toddler sitting in their highchair knocking off their sippy cup, because that's what they do, right? They play the game of how many times are you going to pick this back up for me? But they showed a child knocking it off and the parent responding like Don't you dare throw that again, you know, really responding harshly to that toddler, and that toddler instantly picked up shame. And that's something that can carry us when I make a mistake, I'm very bad. And that can carry us forward to our workplace that can carry forward into our adult life


Patty Cossette  09:47

and into our relationships. Yes, it can come into those areas. So So these things can have roots in simple things like that, that might not come straight to your mind. But as you ask God to come into Do this and reveal it to you. He may bring back a memory he may bring back. Oh my gosh, I remember when that was said that exact thing was said to me. So it could be something that said over you, it could be a trauma that you've experienced that where there was a route that began there of a lie that God isn't there. God doesn't. He may love other people, but he doesn't love me. It could be an unfulfilled desire, something that you want it. Maybe it's I want to be married. And it hasn't happened yet. And we begin to think again. Is there something wrong with me? I'm not good enough. I'm not worthy. You begin to believe different lies, it could be an unanswered prayer. And having a disappointment with God, that can bring a lie that takes root into our hearts. And if we're good Christians, if someone were to were to ask me if I believe lies about God, I'd say, of course, not me. No, me. No, God is good. God is good. God is faithful. I'm going to I know the right things to say. Because I'm, I've been around the block, I've been around this Christian thing a long enough that I know the right things to say, I know the right things to think. But that doesn't mean I know all the right things to feel doesn't mean that there isn't something down in there, that has routed itself in there, and it is affecting me, but I can't necessarily see it. abuse can bring it broken relationships can bring those things. So we want to recognize the lie, asking God to reveal it. We want to find the root of where that lie began in our lives. And then we want to replace the lie with truth. This is important, because this is how we grow and this is how we change is we have to exchange it. Now, there are a couple of things I want to talk about in this because truth is more than one thing. So as we look into the Word of God, we know that it says the word is truth, that His Word is truth. And so the word, the Scriptures, the Bible is one of the places we're going to find truth. That's where we're going to have scriptures that counteract the lies that we have believed, where we discovered No, he is good. His mercies endure forever. He is faithful from generation to generation. He knows me, he knows my name. He I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am loved, I am accepted in the Beloved, I have been set apart for his perfect purposes. All those things are true. So his we're going to find truth in the Word. But also, truth is a Person. Truth is Jesus. He said, I am the way I am the truth and the life. He is the truth. And so when we are replacing that lie, it also comes in our relationship with Jesus. It's a living relationship. This isn't. This isn't a religious activity. It isn't a I go to church and I have my boxes checked, I've done the right thing I had my quiet time i i gave to the poor, I did all these wonderful things. This isn't another religious activity. This is building that relationship with the one who loves you, the one who gave his life for you, who is the one who can change you. Now that takes time. All of these take time. There's one more thing about truth. So in that same chapter where Jesus talks about being the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE, He also talks about the spirit of truth. So this is in John 14. He is the Spirit of truth. He says, I'm sending to you the Spirit of truth, and He will guide you into all truth. So this is a spiritual thing that is going on. This is a spiritual


Patty Cossette  14:49

experience. I don't want to call it a transaction because it isn't God's not transactional, but it is a spiritual process. There's a verse in First Samuel 30, Chapter 30, verse six, where David's been through a terrible experience, and everybody wants to stone him, because it was so bad. And it says, he goes, and He strengthens himself in the Lord his God. David knew where his source was, he knew that the place of his strength was going to be in God. And we have to participate in this process in order for change to happen in our lives. It doesn't happen. I'm wanting to change.


Denisha Workizer  15:41

can it just be that easy.


Patty Cossette  15:44

I have always wanted that. It's, it is a process. And it's hard and it takes some work. It takes time, it takes focus on what is going on this lovely. In this one book that we've been looking at, she used a phrase that I just came to love, and that was counseling, our hearts. So many of us know and have been or experienced the counseling session. Well, this is where we have to counsel our own heart, where we need to speak truth to ourselves, where we are bringing truth into this process. So we have to choose to say, I'm not going to believe that I'm going to believe what is true, we're going to choose to believe what is true. And this is a process, sometimes it would be putting it in front of your face, put it on your mirror, put it on your refrigerator, put that truth, that you're trying to focus on trying to see the lie replaced with put it in front of you. So that's where you're putting the word in there, you're spending time with Jesus in His Word, allowing Him to minister to you. And then understanding that it is the work of the Holy Spirit that actually changes us, He changes us from the inside out, this isn't you just getting better at doing all these things. Okay, here's my list, I need to have my word, I need to have it on my fridge, I need to have it on my mirror, I need to do this 15 mins a day, I need to say it these many times, and then it will be true. And if I do it for 30 days, then I'll have a new habit and all those wonderful things that we learn and we know. But this is an actual spiritual transformation. And that only occurs by the work of the Holy Spirit. So there is an amazing verse that I talk about all the time. And that's in Second Corinthians two, Dinesh can find it. Second Corinthians, actually three sorry about that. Verses 17 and 18. All right, we're gonna try and find it here. And it talks about how we get changed from the inside out, that this is not from the outside in, but from the inside out. And so right here it says, that when we turn to the Lord, the veil is removed. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we with all with I'm sorry, we all with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. And this comes from the Lord who is the spirit. This is a transformation process that occurs in our lives, as we are changed from one image into His image. And it is a work that he does. It is the Spirit of the Lord that does this. And did you catch that word in there? Did you catch that word freedom, because that's part of what we're talking about. You know, in Galatians, one, it says that it is for freedom that Christ has made us free. And I don't know if you remember this, but that freedom word was also in what Valerie was sharing. When you look at the beginning of the story. In Genesis two, it says and they could eat of the fruit of any of the trees freely. God was all about freedom. He hasn't come to put you in a box and give you a set of rules and say this is how you please me? No. He desired a relationship with a person who had free will and could choose and could choose to be with him. He gives you choices. And so he desires that you would be free. And it said Jesus says that the truth will make us free. That he came that we would be free. It was for freedom that Christ has set us free. That's what He desires for us. And that is why we want to be able to recognize the lies. Identify the roots of where they came in, so that then we can replace them and be transformed and changed.


Denisha Workizer  20:22

You highlighted that truth is three things, essentially, right? Truth is the word of God. Truth is the person of Jesus. And truth is also the spirit of truth. I don't think I've ever shared this before on the podcast, because as you say that about there being three different ways of truth, that person of Jesus Patty that really hit me because he is the truth, but there is a relationship. And I love that you spoke to that. When would the day that I came to the Lord, the I'm gonna say the first time and hear me out with that. I was sitting in church, I'd gone with a friend. And I couldn't tell you what the pastor preached on. All I remember is that the end of the sermon, he said, if you would like to, you know, give your life to Christ, raise your hand. And I was shy, my friend had me sitting in the second row behind the pastor's family, I would have been like a back row girl, but this was like my first time in years and years and years in church. And she invited me to come with her. And so I was in the second row, and I'm really shy and crowds. And so I would never raise my hand for anything. But it was the feeling the feeling that was the Holy Spirit's prompting that I had in my heart. I remember my hands got numb my toe. I mean, like, my limbs went numb, essentially, like kind of tingly. And I raised my hand as high as I could. And all these people surrounded me and kind of freaked me out. I'm going to be honest, they surrounded me began praying for me, and I was still going, what was that? That was the Holy Spirit drawing me to himself. I don't know if that's actually the time. That is the time that I prayed the prayer. That is the time that I said yes. And raised my hand, you know, crazy person that nobody in the second row typically raises their hand, right. They've been there for a while now as the first day. And but what I remember is about two weeks later, I hadn't gone back to church yet. I remember I was kind of freaked out. I thought there was something so real there that it almost scared me. It was so real. I wanted it. But I was afraid, you know. And while I was at work, and my friend, Pat, I don't think Pat listens this podcast, but Pat, called me at work. And he said, Denise, I have a question for you. Now Pat was goofy as all can be all the time, he was the funny guy, you could count on him to laugh and make you just laugh. And he called on a Sunday afternoon. And he said, Denise, I have a question for you. And I said, What are you doing calling me are not working today? And he said, Do you know Jesus? Oh, wow. And Patti, I sat down in my chair, I again, my arms and my legs went tingling and kind of numb. And I sat there and I said, What do you mean by that? I said, Why did you know? Why did you call me and ask me that? And what does that mean? And, and he said, I really felt I came out of church, and I couldn't shake thinking about you. And he was just a friend, a co worker. And he said, I just felt like I needed to call and ask you that. And I said, What does that mean? So he said, Why don't I call you tonight, and we'll talk about it. So that night, he called me, we ended up on the phone for two hours where he explained the gospel to me. He explained to me what I felt in church, that that was the Holy Spirit and right, that was the spirit of truth, pulling me in. And then when he said, Do you know Jesus that night? He said, Would you like now that you know what you're doing? Now that you know what you're saying? Yes to? Would you like to give your life to Christ?


Patty Cossette  23:44

Don't you love how God pursued you like that? Yeah, how you, you heard that you raise your hand, and you show that this is what I want. Not that I understand anything I just did. And yet God didn't leave you there. Right, that he brought Pat in there, to bring it to clarity to bring it to where not only was it an experience, but there you brought in the understanding and then came into a place where you really had a relationship


Denisha Workizer  24:12

when it was all three. That's right. It was Yeah, Spirit of Truth pulled me in the Word of God is what Pat explained to me. And then I said, Yes, I believe that. And it was the person of Jesus that I got to know it was a relationship. It wasn't just an exchange, like you said, you know, it wasn't just a transaction. It was a relationship. And so as you said that about the he's also a person, I just got chills head to toe because I thought, Oh, that was the moment. That was the moment that I really gave my life to Christ.


Patty Cossette  24:41

And that was that is what this is about. This isn't about you know, something I've always this isn't positive thinking. This isn't just changing my thoughts. That's not all. This is. This is actual trend. As formational change, and the reason it's transformational change is because we're dealing with God, we're dealing with God, we're dealing with Jesus who gave his life, rose again from the dead, continues to sit at the right hand of the Father who ever lives to intercede and pray for us. And He sent His Holy Spirit to be in us, and with us, that he is not far off. But instead, he is right beside he is with us. And that that's true change. And that lasts, because it isn't just me working at it to try to make it happen. It's God coming and changing me from the inside out. And that lasts. The others don't always we can have. You know, I think we've all read I mean, you go into a bookstore, any bookstore, and the largest section is the Self Help section. So as we are good at that, we are always looking at a book to tell me how to lose 50 pounds in five days? Wouldn't that be good? You know, or fix your relationship in 30 days, or five rules for successful people? Or, you know, we're always looking for a formula that just makes it happen. And so that is not what we're offering here. Yes, I had some steps. Yes, I did. I said, I, you know, you need to recognize a lie, you need to identify the root. And then you need to replace that lie with truth. But as we said, truth is not simply the word of God, it is not simply new words. It is the person of Jesus, who has come to live in us by the Holy Spirit. And he does that work. And each and every one of us. That is so wonderful and amazing. There is nothing better. I've walked around this earth already long enough. Not as old as some, but I'm older than many to know that if this wasn't real, if this didn't work, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be a part of it. I say that too. I teach middle schoolers. And they they're all about does it work? Is it real? And I'm like I wouldn't be in and if it wasn't, I wouldn't. Because if this was just a game or some religious show, or at all, I wouldn't be a part of it. But I have watched God change me from the inside out. I've watched him change other people. And it is, there's nothing more exciting than watching real change happen in people's lives, in their relationships, in their marriages, in their parenting, just as their lives are changed as we expose lies, exposed darkness, and let the light and truth of God begin to transform us.


Denisha Workizer  28:06

You know, that makes me think, Patti, that I think sometimes some of us have experienced people who represent God. And they don't represent him. Well.


Patty Cossette  28:17

Gosh, I hate that. I know it too much. And that's why very honestly, when you want to know what, what God looks like, look at Jesus, go into the Gospels. And look at Jesus. Look at how he treated the leper, the one who was no longer supposed to come anywhere near anyone and he said come near. And he touched them, which they he wasn't that was illegal shouldn't have been doing. We had a woman who had a issue of blood she was she'd had it for 12 years, this woman had been bleeding for 12 years. When you have an issue of blood, you are not supposed to be anywhere near anyone. And yet she pressed in through a crowd to touch his garment. And he felt it. Now he's surrounded by human beings all around and pressing on him from every side. But he said Someone touched me. He turns around and he sees her, lifts her up, heals her, restores her, that who Jesus is. That's who we serve. In Hebrews. It says that Jesus is the exact representation of God. He is the exact representation of God. So if you want to know what God looks like, if you're doubting him right now, and we're going to talk about some of these lies and some of the things that come into our mind, if you're discontent if you have any of those things that Valerie talked about last week, I want you to look to Jesus. Look at him, read the gospels. Look at how he treated people look at how he who he was harsh with. He was harsh with the religious people. He was harsh with the people who are trying to put other People in bondage. That's who he yelled at, called them. Snakes called whitewashed tombs call them all kinds of not nice things. Because he didn't like what they did to other people. They were putting people in bondage. And he decided that people would be free. He noticed the little guy up in the tree, who had to get up in the tree because he was short. And there was a crowd and he wanted to see this Jesus everybody was talking about and he saw him, he saw him up in that tree. And not only did he see him in the tree, he already knew his name. He said, Hey, Ziggy has come on down, I'm coming to your house. He that's who Jesus is. That to God is. So whatever you may have experienced, you may have experienced hurt at the very hands of people who call themselves Christians, you may have been hurt in a church. Know that that is not necessarily God. And if you want to know what he looks like, look at Jesus. Look into the word, read the gospels again, and say I want to see what Jesus looks like. And I think you'll find the one who came to set you free.


Denisha Workizer  31:17

Amen. That's that person. That's the person of Christ. Recently, I got to speak to an uncle, I one of my mom's brothers. And he challenged me with something, he challenged me with what he calls the project. And I you guys, I'm an office supply geek, like big time office supply geek. And so I have this one notebook that's a little bit bigger than my normal spiral notebooks has a cover that's a little bit thicker, has some glitter on, it's a little bit prettier than my other notebooks. So I've been saving it because I'm weird like that. And I thought I want to save this for something really special. And my uncle challenged me to go through and start and Matthew in a Red Letter Bible, and only write down the words that Jesus said, Oh, and he's I challenge you to do that. And that first thing, it wasn't a spiritual thought, first thing, I thought I have the perfect notebook for that. That's me, that's the real me right there. So I have started that I'd started Matthew, and he said, It took about 30 minutes a day, he did it for about three or four months. And he got through, you know all the red letters in the Bible. And obviously, we have to take that in context of what Jesus was saying who he was speaking to. And we also know that Paul had major revelation about grace and our life and how we're to live, but just a pull to get to know that person of Jesus. So I started it, and we'll see how this goes. And I got the previous notebook to write the best words ever spoken in history. And what's important. Exactly. I have a new little pen. I like cheap Bic pen. So yeah, so I'm doing that to get to know the person of Christ. Because I have had a lot of people you know, in my life, speak into my life. from a spiritual standpoint, I've had some amazing, amazing people. But what better than to go back to the very words of Christ to get to know the person, the word of truth, the spirit of truth?


Patty Cossette  33:12

Yes, I agree.


Denisha Workizer  33:15

Well, Patti, thank you so much for being with us today. We're gonna have a couple more episodes here, where we're going to tackle some of this


Patty Cossette  33:22

yet, we're going to look at some very specific lies lies about God, maybe some lies about emotions and about ourselves, that sometimes we have believed and that we need to get free of and we may not recognize them at first. So they may be some of these next two podcasts where you'll hear some of them go, oh, that's me. That's one I need to deal with. That's one I want to find the root of so that I can have truth ruling in my life so I can have the Spirit of Truth transforming me from the inside out.


Denisha Workizer  33:58

Absolutely. And if you are anything like me and struggle with buys, five of the most common lies that women believe we have an ebook for you, that has seven truths to each lie. And so seven scriptures to combat each lie that we believe and if you take a look at the show notes, you can click on that link and pick up that free eBook. So we hope that encourages you and we will see you again next Monday. Thank you so much for listening. Thanks for listening. I pray you found hope in today's conversation, and maybe even feel a little less alone in your story. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram at reclaimed story. Want to learn more about living a reclaimed life and how you can be a part of our growing community ever claimers? Check out our website at reclaimed all of those links and more will be in the show notes. And if you enjoy this inspirational podcast Be sure to subscribe rate and review. Not only will you be the First one to know when new content comes out but it is also a huge help and helping us reach more people to live the reclaimed life.