Living the Reclaimed Life

#69 Sister To Sister Pt 2: Get Free & Stay Free ~ Joy Ellerbe, Ty Finley, Renee Odrick, Myshel Wilkins

August 29, 2022 Season 3 Episode 69
Living the Reclaimed Life
#69 Sister To Sister Pt 2: Get Free & Stay Free ~ Joy Ellerbe, Ty Finley, Renee Odrick, Myshel Wilkins
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What happens when we ask God to show us His heart for those around us? How does obedience to God's promptings play out in our relationships with friends and strangers? As women, how can we be bold in being an example for the younger women around us? 

We are continuing the conversation from last week's episode originally recorded live earlier on the Titus II show withJoy Ellerbe. If you missed last week's episode, part 1, be sure to go back and listen.

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Joy, Myshell Wilkins, Rene Roderick, Ty Finley, Denisha Workizer

Denisha Workizer  00:00

What happens when we ask God to show us his heart for those around us? How does being obedient to God's promptings play out in our relationships with both friends and strangers? And as women? How can we be bold and being an example for the younger women around us? We're continuing the conversation from last week's episode that was originally recorded live earlier this month on the tightest to show with joy Ellerby if you missed last week's episode, part one, be sure to go back and listen, because we are picking up our chat with joy Ellerby the host of the tightest to show CEO of kingdom first productions and kingdom first publishing tie Finley who is a blogger at Tuck 40 To me, Renee Oh direct she is the founder of meditational moments Incorporated. Renee is also a teacher speaker and author, Michelle Wilkins. She is a singer songwriter, currently a worship leader in Frisco, Texas. She is a speaker and does mission work in Uganda rescuing young women out of sex trafficking and more. Did I mention these were some dynamic women. I hope you've enjoyed this episode. And be sure to connect with these incredible women, their links are in the show notes. And we're also going to be featuring them on reclaimed story on both Instagram and Facebook over the next couple of weeks. So let's get real when it comes to relationships on Sister to Sister part two, Welcome to Living the Reclaim life Podcast. I'm Tanisha. We're glad you're here for conversations that revive hope, inspire healing, and encourage you to live a vibrant life with Christ. So grab a cup of coffee as we chat with today's guest.


Joy  01:41

Let's talk about discernment, the value of this, like Gosh, talk about discernment.


Myshell Wilkins  01:47

And if you are in any leadership role, all right. If you're a mother, that's a leadership role. When you are over children, people, organizations, church, things of that nature, it's absolutely important to have discernment, because you've got to hear me on what people are saying, and see beyond what they're showing you and then understand that their their attack or their their slander, or whatever they're doing, there's something behind that you cannot waste a lot of energy responding to symptoms, right, you want to get to the root of the thing, get to the root of the thing and love them in that place, ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom as to how to deal with the root of that thing and see them in that place and desire a healing for that person. You got to have a whole truckload of grace every single day when you are dealing with people, right? So even the lady at the checkout line, she's got a major attitude, you know, something's going on with her. And we gotta care about that. Right. So that discernment helps you for one to have compassion beyond what is happening, right. And then it helps you to pray precisely, Bullseye targeted into that thing that is causing that pain, that that traumatic response, whatever it is, so that people want to be seen, they want to know that you see them and that you've heard them. And if you can truly see, and he actually gives a sermon to those who didn't know how to keep their mouth shut. You cannot, you cannot go and tell people what you've seen. Right. And other people, you've got to know how to, to cover people, and to honor them by you know, making sure that what you've seen, you would truly take time to dig in and pray for and love that person through that situation. So, discernment is everything it really equips you to to be more precise in in your ministry.


Joy  03:47

And so that point and I'll come around to you Tanisha that I'll share a little story. Recently, I was at an event and and it's so important, even with discernment following the voice of the Lord and just just staying in His will and His timing because its timing is very, very important. So even at this event, at the end of it, people were leaving and I was there with a friend of mine and people were still leaving and all that but we ended up sitting down which to me was you know, we normally we will be gone by now. But we actually sat down and began to talk and in the talking we actually were able to share our situations and share our thoughts and things that were going on we were able to share with one another and to see the similarities to where at the end of it we were able to say to each other all right now I know what area to pray for concerning you. Okay, now I know what area to pray for concerning you. And so at that moment, I gained and she has well gained another person to pray for each other. And so dealing with with that just making sure as you are striving to you know, build relationships from six The system deletion, I'll come to you talk more about that just discernment and following the voice of the Lord and just following his guidance, because sometimes we will move past it. You know, we'll hear what to do but move past it. And we missed that moment to sit down and have that conversation with the sister in Christ to where we actually see. All right, that's an area I can pray for concerning you got it? All right, I'm with you. So talk to talk to us about that.


Denisha Workizer  05:28

I think of what Michelle said about precision and asking the Lord, you know, what does he have to say about this for that focus precision, one of my favorite prayers to pray for people is God, show me your heart for so and so. And you will sometimes end up with such a different answer than they could even express in words themselves. And I think that just making that time, like joy, if you hadn't sat down after that event, you probably wanted to go home, you're probably tired. And but the fact you sat down and gave that person time and they gave you time, like that is a gift in today's world, like we live in our little moats, you know, we kind of have a little moat around our home, we get in, we close the garage door, we go and we do our thing. We leave and we go somewhere else. And so I think going back to that, just face to face conversation is so valuable in relationships and in building that and having that safe place with one another is just so beautiful. And say, I have time for you. I'm not too busy. That's not a we're so busy and everything. And so just making that time, I think is a real gift.


Joy  06:31

And I agree with that. So Ty, I'll come to you talk about the how important it is to be obedient because I see, I think that's Helen in the comments talking about obedience. And it's so important to be obedient to God because I know, I don't remember who said it, but talking about getting in our feelings. I mean, we get in our feelings too much. And too often when it comes to something that God wants us to do towards another sister in Christ, we may get in our feelings, or get you know, sticky feeling shaky feelings, whatever kind of feelings but to where we just don't want to do it, don't want to act on it don't want to follow through with and so on. So on. So tight, I'll come to you and talk about the importance of that obedience to the will of God and the voice of the Lord and discernment and all of that.


Ty Finley  07:15

I believe if we want to have a heart that is pure before God, and we are professing our love for Him, then our obedience is an act of love for him. It says that obedience is sin. You know, and sometimes we don't recognize obedience as being a sad because it's not an overt thing. It's like you're not doing you're not breaking one of the 10 commandments, per se, but it's still the same. And so obedience to the Word of God is, especially as it pertains to ministry and helping with your your sisters. It when God speaks, and he gives you a word or discernment, or he speaks to you in dreams, and he tells you something about our particular sister, and your obedience is to pray for that person, your obedience is to to intercede for that person, and he may have you reach out to that person, but if you're in your feelings, then you won't want to, you'll want to say, you know, no, she's, she's not going to receive me, but it's like, no be obedient to what God is saying, anyway, because we're not God, we're, we're His, his daughters were his servants, you know, and he has us here to help bring about his will on Earth. And so if you don't do it, he'll find somebody else to do it. So it's good for us to just go ahead and be obedient. And be out of your feelings and you can't even really live in your feelings because feelings, they they lie to you all the time. You just have to be obedient to what God is saying, for that situation, you know, for even as it pertains to family because I think sometimes it could be easy to bless your sister outside but then your family Sister, you know, like relatives or closer, you feel like, I'm not sure about them. And God is like, you know, act of obedience, you're gonna have to do it is all or nothing. You have to go all in and you have to just do what the Word of God says.


Joy  09:18

So, just to pick to go back to what you were saying, disobedience is the sin, because disobedience is so to witchcraft. Obedience, it because that's what he wants us because I'm reading the comments but obedience, because this is how you know, people know that we are His disciples, by the way, we love one another. And also this is the commandment that you know, we obey His Word and I'm still reading comments, that we are obedient to his Word. So all right, Rene, I'm gonna come to you talk about the mind and talk about our thoughts and and how Talking about our thoughts and how our thoughts and our our counsel in the mind can get us in trouble when it comes to being a blessing to a sister in Christ to even taking the time to pray for them and taking the time to love them, and to encourage them the thoughts that we have when we're not thinking on these things, those thoughts that cause us to shy away from doing what we know we should do towards sisters in Christ.


Rene Roderick  10:28

Yes, well, it goes back to first wanting to stand on that obedience. And when you hear those thoughts come into your mind, how will you want to respond to the thoughts? You know, are you going to allow those thoughts to overtake you and prevent you from doing what you hear the Lord saying, but you know what? I'm not I'm not doing that today, or I don't feel like it or whatever it is, and where are those thoughts coming from? You know, where are they rooted because sometimes the thoughts come from voices that we've, we've heard, and now we've allowed them to settle in our soul, and it's defiling us. And we need to pluck it out and say, You know what, God, I know, that's not how you want me to operate. So let me change this thoughts, and find what the Word of God says about how I can counteract that thought, you know, hatred is, is not a view, but love is of you. And so what can I do? What counter reactions can I allow to transform my mind the renewing of my mind, so that I'm not allowing those thoughts to trick me into doing things and acting in a way that does not please God, because when it comes down to it, I'm here to serve. And I'm here to honor God. And so I only can do that by listening and following what he tells me about who I am, what I am and what I should be doing. And so if I'm gonna say, the enemy is speaking to me and telling me, You know what, you should not be doing that you're going to look like a fool if you say that to her. And you know what, that's not what you should really say, because she's not going to accept that she don't like you, anyway, all these things, and you're stopping, but the Holy Spirit is saying, I need you to tell her such and such for Sona. So you don't even know that because that could be a Healing Word for her life. That can be the one connection that can remove every hindrance that she has against you, because that's the Healing Word. And so we have to step out on what God is saying. And we can't allow ourselves to be frightened and fooled by the enemy that will put foolishness in my mind. So I'm just like, No, no, no, no, I won't receive that. I won't take that I won't reject what God is saying. And I'm gonna move so I can show up for him. He shows up for me every day, I'm breathing. I'm here. I'm loving. I'm blessed. Like you said, we have all these blessings. How dare I not show up for the God that loves me, despite me? How dare I? So yes, obedience, and listening to the right voice.


Joy  12:58

Okay, I gotta circling back around, because there's so many different areas, different roles to go down. But there's one in particular that I'm going to follow. And that is laying aside every way in the sin that so easily that sets us and so my show, I'm going to come to you talk about how important it is to be that example to the younger women, about laying aside every way and the sin that so easily besets us so that we can run this race talk about living that life of holiness and righteousness and being bold about it. And being that example, you know, to the younger women about being bold in your walk with Christ. And you talk about all of that.


Myshell Wilkins  13:40

Yeah, you know, the culture presses in on the young people, like you couldn't even begin to believe the lie of the identity of who they are, and what's valuable and what's not. It presses in on them and the pressure to be something that you're not, you know, social media has done a good job of just making this cookie cutter plastic kind of world that's not even real, that they really put so much value into and so they need to know the truth. And so it's really important that





Myshell Wilkins  14:16

stay free, get free and stay free, because I need to see what that looks like and know that it's actually possible to live a life that pleases the Lord. Because there's a lot of people who don't think that that's very real, like whatever like really, really, you'd forgive. Oh, and you Oh, you're you're free now. You know, is that real? Because they're going through so much life is hitting these young people's in the gut you hear me I'm talking about from from molestations to rejection to abuse to all kinds of stuff is happening in this young people's lives, and they need to see light somewhere, somewhere, or they're going to keep trying to find what looks like love from bed to bed or from drug to drug or from whatever searching constantly for, for what looks like peace. And so it's important for me and you and all of us to be that beacon of light to say it is possible. And I'm here to show you that God loves you. And let me just tell you who you really are. And let me let me let me take you out of the hand and walk you through this, this journey discipling you into a place where you understand and can walk on your own one day and do the same for someone else who needs to see that it's real, and that it can be it can really happen. So it is absolutely necessary. And I think about that I hear people say, Well, you know, people have people not my responsibility. I mean, I gotta live my life. And I know that listen, I don't, I feel like it's my responsibility to be my sister's keeper. And I don't have a problem with that, like, I have you do. I know. I don't. I feel like he saved me. He walked me through some really tough stuff, right? And now that I've gotten free from some stuff, I am now my arms are open and I'm sensitive. Like even if I'm in Target. I will say, Lord, my eyes are open. I'm not so focused on what I got to do today that I'm going to pass this lady who may commit suicide when she leaves here like I want to be alert. All right, so as I go on here as I go pump gas like that's how I feel like the believers should leave it live their life, he says go out into all the world, right? And, and make disciples and shine a light. And so I feel like that's what we're supposed to do. And it's not. It's not that we're perfect. Oh Lord, no far from that. But it is important that you live intentionally you live very intentionally, very intentionally and you care about what God thinks about your behavior and what you're thinking about when nobody's listening. No one's when you're in your room by yourself. You care about how you live your life, right? When no one's watching you care if what you're doing hurts him or, or would grieve him like that, that? Oh my gosh, I can't handle that. Right.


Joy  17:03

Okay, so just to that coin, what do you say to the young women or the young woman that does not understand all that she doesn't she doesn't get that she doesn't get freedom she doesn't get the freedom in Christ she doesn't get living holy and righteous and and she doesn't get just you know, the the inner man she doesn't understand those moments of okay, well, I want to make sure that my thoughts are pleasing the Lord my behavior is pleasing the Lord because his thoughts towards me are good. They are you know, to get me to an expected in and, and all of that. I don't I don't get that. What do you say to her and I'm gonna circle back around, but go ahead my chair.


Myshell Wilkins  17:44

That's when the transparency opens the door. And that's when you start telling them your story. I've been there. Let me tell you some yucky stuff I went through, let me tell you some stinking thinking, I used to think this is what happened to me. And then when they're able to relate to that, then the doors open to listen to more. And then you can begin to disciple them because then they see you're a real person that went through some stuff they understand. And then men of God that helped bring that freedom about


Joy  18:09

will take you on that slot all around to Denise to talk about. And you can talk piggyback off of my shell if you'd like to, but I want to also throw in the value of faith in God faith in the blood of Jesus Christ and the person of Christ and faith in the Holy Ghost and faith even in baptism. Because, you know, we can talk all day about from Sister to Sister how we should be towards one another, but also on the other side of from Sister to Sister is going out and drawing souls to the Lord even going out to the highways and byways and compelling them to come into the house of law. That's his word. So, you know, go you there for as much as you wish you were saying, going out there and reaching these young women where they are and bringing them into the house of God that they may be saved as well. They get to know the Jesus that we know. So talk about all of that, how that all comes together. And I'm gonna throw in integrity in there as well you can piggyback on that if you'd like to, but just dealing with faith and just knowing how to share your faith and even walking a young woman through the journey of learning how to have that faith in God and Jesus in the Holy Ghost and even baptism because that plays a major role in salvation. So I'm gonna turn that over to you. I know that was a lie when it was a lie.


Denisha Workizer  19:31

Like what she said. So in that, I think of one exactly the transparency of being kind of telling the they might not understand God, but they may understand what is love say about them. And that's that's God as we refer to that, I think speaking their destiny, their value their truth over them and their identity, right, who are they in Christ even before they know him? Right and I think that as we do that, as we encourage and support and exhort young women around us, that that opens up that opportunity to just say, you know, come with me to church, or they may start coming to us with problems that they're having. And I, one thing that I have found, and I think this time of when society, we found ourselves pretty polarized, right? You either believe this way or this way and eat anything in the middle. It's either this or not kind of thing, and, and not for everything. But we see that a lot on social media and things. And I think these kids are really feeling the pressure of that, too. So when they say there is no God, I have no faith. I don't believe this. And we say I do it, but we meet them on common ground, whether that common ground is our story, like Michelle, Michelle said, if it's, if it's if it's our story, if it's an experience, and just I love to tell God stories, like I love the crazy stories, like I'm in Target, and God gives me this word for a perfect stranger. And, like I love to share those stories with with young women because they go Wait, what? Because they're attracted to that, right, we all have that God's spot in us that only he can fill. And for me, I think I always want to get a hold of people before the enemy tries to get a hold and distort and counterfeit, and, you know, take them in a different direction. So I love sharing these crazy God's stories of what God does. And I love being honest and just vulnerable of saying, like, I didn't think God could talk to me, you know, I didn't believe in this one day, he had me walk up to this perfect stranger, and I was sweating like a man walked up. And here's what happened. I love sharing those God's stories, I just think that that draws people and that draws people to go, wait, you might have something, we are carrying the light, right. And today, when things are so polarized, and so divisive, we are carrying the truth that has the opportunity to set everyone free. And so I think that that, yeah, just meeting them where they are, and being that safe place for people. And then eventually, when you speak of baptism and integrity, just being who you say you are doing what you say, you know, don't you know, I'm not going to sit down at Starbucks and minister to a woman or encourage them, but then get in my car and start swearing at my kids or, you know, like, be who you are at all times. And I think that's really important that they see that integrity. And then eventually it's like, wow, and I'll come to your church. And then hopefully, you know, after that baptism, and all the things that follow.


Joy  22:27

Wonderful. All right, Rene, I'm gonna pass it over to you with the same question and area will pivot just yet?


Rene Roderick  22:36

Well, I guess I can just add,



I do agree with the level of integrity. You know, I


Rene Roderick  22:42

live with millennials. And they often tell me, it's what I see. It's what I see. And so it's what we show them, you know, we can't say, Well, you just better go pray, but we're not praying. We can't tell them. You just got to trust God. But every time they turn around, we're in a panic mode. Like, you know, we can't show something different. They have to see it in us as we speak it we have to do it. And so that example is in every aspect every way be the same outside, inside at the store, at the mall, anywhere you are show up and be the same authentic you that's connected to the Father that people can see your light that they can glean from it and that they are intrigued to know the guy that you know, because wow, every time I see her, there's joy, there's peace, there's laughter, there's hope there's faith, all of these attributes of God rested her I want the guy that she serves, I want to know more about that, because that's what opens the door for true conversation. Because they see that real is in you. And so be real, be true to who you are. Show up honestly and openly and allow the conversations to come because they will. That's when they come. That's when they come when they see that. Okay, she was like that in church, but that was church. And I've seen her around the corner and oh my goodness, she's the same way she greeted me with so much joy. Okay, she made me a little nervous. But that's how it starts. You know, my daughter always tells me that she said, Mom, you know, when you're fake, I'm like, standing back. But when you're not when you're just so genuine and true. And the same. It helps and so I say just stand on who God made you to be and just be that every day in every way.


Joy  24:32

Hey, come on, Tom, what do you got?


Ty Finley  24:35

A man I think I agree. You know, being authentic, being true to who you are, and, and God who you are to yourself who you profess to be. And others will see that too. You know, just letting God's light shine in the midst of darkness. And it is so important because the world is dark right now, but every glimpse of light Every time we speak, every time we smile at somebody at the grocery store every time, we give somebody a little bit of hope, and it may not be everything they need for that day, but it is that seed is that see that there's more light, that there's, there's something better coming, you know, darkness is not going to prevail over their lives. And I just love the fact you know, transparency, Integrity, Authenticity, because I believe they all go hand in hand. And just a situation I'm going through, I had a medical surgery this morning, and my daughter goes, you're gonna still do this model. And I'm like, Yeah, I love God's people. And I said, I don't care if how it is. And she said, this funny, you're still smiling in the midst of it. I said, That's just how he made me. And, um, you know, it, even though life hurts sometimes, just being able to overcome and doesn't mean that the pain didn't hurt, but we're able to show somebody else. You know, I know that even though this is hard. Even though this hurts, right? Now, you're going to be able to smile again, because I'm smiling. And you may have some moments where it's gonna hurt again, and you're gonna cry, you're going to, you know, God, why, why me? Why is this happening. But even in the midst of that, he's going to show himself and you just be true to the call of God in your life, be authentic, you know, and just give the world the real you whether they can handle it or not, you know, but just be that light and darkness. I think that's important.


Joy  26:30

It is important, because that's where we are instructed to be in, you know, even even dealing with cutting out corrupt communication, and making sure we are our words are seasoned with salt. And even giving careful thought to our ways is so important. Because we can get into a routine of doing things that we're not thinking about others, we're not thinking about how it's affecting the next person, because even for example, just going back to being quote, unquote, being in our feelings, you know, we can take a whole day and be all in our feelings, and not even understand how it affects the next sister in Christ, or the next women of God when it comes to service in the kingdom of God and how we, how it affects them. So it just, there's so much that comes with that and even with integrity, because we can be in church one way, and I mean, we just people aren't, you are, you really love the Lord, you really trust Him and you are walking in His way and you are, wow, didn't get out of church just like whoa, she just flipped. She flipped the switch. Like, that's not the same person I saw, you know, and that's something that that cannot be, you know, who's going to be example, because it starts with us dealing with and we're talking about how to draw younger women regarding faith and a life in Christ and all it starts with with us, you know, having that faith believing, you know, that he is he is a rewarder of them, who diligently seek Him and believing that, you know, we are called to, to encourage and to, to sing songs and hymns and spiritual songs to one another to believe His word and it takes it takes something to believe because you can say you believe, but when trials go, when circumstances hit, it shows you where you are, it shows you where you stand in your faith and in your, in your belief. So we're gonna land the plane, I'm gonna come on back around. And I would just I want you all to just give some words of encouragement in these last five minutes. So Ty, I'll go ahead and start with you. Because we can take this thing on into some other hours.


Ty Finley  28:42

Amen. You know, be light in the midst of darkness be light, everywhere you go. You know, God has graced you to wake up, he's graced you to to be the woman of God that you are for this moment. And he's, he's equipped you for this moment. So you are here right now. For God's glory. You are here on purpose for purpose. So don't be concerned about who things would or how they'll perceive you. Just be obedient to God, listen to His voice, and do the things that will be bring Him glory be light in the midst of darkness.


Joy  29:19

Wonderful, Renee, what's that encouragement you can share?


Rene Roderick  29:23

I would say, identify your drawing power. And stand in that because all of us have something that God has given us to draw others to him. And so whatever it is, some of us is as simple as a smile. Some of us and we don't know but whatever that drawing power is, seek God out, find out what that drawing power is and use it for his glory because that is the very thing that he's gifted you with to help another sister. And then once you get their ear, just allow them to give you one In a minute, and if you use the drawing power that God has given you, you will plant the seed that will change their life.


Joy  30:07

I have to see all right, Tanisha


Denisha Workizer  30:11

I would say that no matter what you're going through right now, if you're in the valley, or if you're on top of the mountain, that there is hope, and just to stick close to Him that He is with you continue to seek His face. And that there is hope for your future. Doesn't matter how dark it looks right now that there is hope, coming. That's why there's good things coming. That's what I would like to encourage people with.


Joy  30:33

Love it come on my shelf,


Myshell Wilkins  30:37

used to hear people talk about just trust God and just pray and all that as a young woman, and I just I felt so disconnected from all of that. So I had a very real heart to heart with God. And I said, I don't feel like I trust you. I don't, I totally wigged out and stuff happens. I don't know what you're going to do. And I feel like I don't really know you. You don't you can't trust me, you don't know. So I need to get to know you. I don't really feel like reading the Bible. I don't have a desire to. And I'm not really sure if I can say like, I love you like like my mom and my dad. I just told him flat out. And I said, but I want all that to change. And I said, I know you have a plan for me. But if I'm so focused on me and worried about whether you're gonna come through, I said, I can't live like that. I said, I gotta know that I know that you are God, and that you have my back and that I can. I can be free from stuff and has to be real. I can't do this. And so I said, Show me how to love you teach me how to love you. Give me a desire for your word. How do I do this, like give me the practical steps of how to just be empowered by what you've called me to do and do it with with passion. And it took breaking down insecurities and bad things. It took surrender, it was very uncomfortable. But I was so adamant about fulfilling my purpose full blown, no counterfeits that I was willing to submit myself to the process. And he led me step by step by step and I'm still growing in him. But it's real. And so I'm just saying for those who who feel like disconnected from Okay, forgive, well, you don't know what I've dealt with, or, Oh, just pray about it or just know, it's real. But you need to have that real conversation with the Lord and just say, Listen, let's just push the reset button on everything. I think I know, Hi, I'm your daughter, you're my god, let's do this, and then move forward in a beautiful way. So I just want to encourage people that there is a very practical and the Holy Spirit can show you how to really engage him and grow in him.


Joy  32:34

That's beautiful. And I'm going to end on this note. Okay, everyone you have, you've listened to these wonderful sisters in Christ. And I'm glad that you have tuned in. But I just got to come from this wonderful angle really quickly. If you've been paying attention, I have been battling with these headphones this entire episode and those that have watched the show on time and time again, see the same headphones that I have to keep pushing you and keep pushing you and keep slipping out. You got to push them back in, they start pushing back then. And at some point it's the question comes up, when are you going to make a change? When are you going to remove the thing that's obviously a hindrance to you with your focus with just staying, you know, on track and when are you going to remove that thing that's just causing just just comfort and causing disruption and make a change. So that would be my word of encouragement to all those that are watching and those that are the younger women at some point, you can see that something is not right in your life, whether it is some type of turmoil or some type of struggle that you just don't know how to get past you have these five five of us on the screen right now that you can reach out to and even ask for Hey, listen, I don't know how to get past this particular situation you may have a lust problem, you may have a drinking problem with smoking problem. You may have a procrastination problem you may have a hate problem. Whatever your issue, you may just have a time management problem whatever the issue may be or even like my show you were talking about you don't know God you don't you feel disconnected. You may be in church and still feel disconnected. You may feel Yes, I get praise and worship. Yes. But I still feel disconnected. Oh, I get you know the giving okay, I here's my time. Here's my offer. All right, but I still feel disconnected. Yes, I put my hands I said amen to the message. But I still feel disconnected and I'm trying to do everything that's being told to me to do I'm trying to do what the Word says but this this, there is something that causing me to be disconnected I don't quite understand because like the headphones, there's something in the way and at some point you have to say Listen, I need help. From wisdom, not just anybody, I need help from wisdom, because you can have a fool walking around telling you how to, to live in God and then listen, and that ain't the way to go. So you need some wisdom. So my encouragement, at some point, you have to make a change just says I have to make a change with these regular headphones. So Amen. And that is all so. So thank you all for tuning in. I do hope and pray you have received something of great value. And by all means, I'll make sure that links are in the description for for all these wonderful women of God, and just connect, stay connected. And let's grow together from Sister to Sister because we are in this walk together. Even though we must save ourselves from this untoward generation. We are still connected as sisters in Christ in this body of Christ. And we definitely love you all. And we truly want to see you do well in the sight of God. So all right, I love y'all till next. Bye.


Denisha Workizer  36:05

I hope that part one and part two of this conversation was a blessing in your life as it was in mine. As my Shel said, may we hear beyond what people are saying and see beyond what they're showing us. We each come to the table with our own story with our own experiences. And may we have the grace to extend so that each of us can walk in unity with our sisters in Christ and not just survive, but thrive. We'll see you next week. Thanks for listening. I pray you found hope in today's conversation and maybe even feel a little less alone in your story. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram at reclaimed story. Want to learn more about living a reclaimed life and how you can be a part of our growing community ever claimers? Check out our website at reclaimed all of those links and more will be in the show notes. And if you enjoyed this inspirational podcast Be sure to subscribe rate and review. Not only will you be the first one to know when new content comes out, but it is also a huge help and helping us reach more people to live the reclaimed life.