Living the Reclaimed Life

#59 Putting Feet To Vision ~ Joy Ellerbe

April 18, 2022 Season 2 Episode 59
Living the Reclaimed Life
#59 Putting Feet To Vision ~ Joy Ellerbe
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Has God ever placed a dream in your heart that felt too big? Maybe you didn’t know where or how to start? Or didn’t feel qualified for the call? Joy Ellerbe has been there.

She has battled those thoughts also and now she is powerfully encouraging and equipping the body of Christ to step out of our comfort zones and get those God-sized dreams accomplished.  Today we are talking about steps to take to begin to put feet to the vision that He has placed in your heart.

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Joy Ellerbe, Denisha Workizer

Denisha Workizer  00:00

Has God ever placed a dream in your heart that felt too big. Maybe you didn't know where or how to start or didn't feel qualified for the call. Our guest today, Joy Ellerby has been there too. She has battled those thoughts also. And now she is powerfully encouraging and equipping the body of Christ to step out of our comfort zones, and get those God sized dreams accomplished. Today, we're talking about steps to take to begin to put feet to the vision that God has placed in your heart. Welcome to Living the Reclaim life Podcast. I'm Tanisha. We're glad you're here for conversations that revive hope inspire healing and encourage you to live a vibrant life with Christ. So grab a cup of coffee as we chat with today's guest. Welcome Reclaimers we are so excited that you are here for this episode. And I just want to give you a heads up. Let's buckle our seatbelts. Today I have my friend Joy Ellerby. And she is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. So she is my friend from Georgia. She is the CEO of kingdom first productions and kingdom first publishing. And her mission ladies is to put feet to vision. So get ready because we know that God has given every one of us a unique vision, a unique call. And boy, I just think that joy is going to just push you off the cliff into that vision and passion in your life. And you know with this vision and this mission in mind, Joy also started the tightest to show and Titus to living. And with all of her projects, businesses and events. It is God and her pastor, elder Thomas A Pulliam, senior as vision has given to her she puts beat to it and enjoy seeing it come to past. She is a Christian content creator and an event planner. And she currently plans and manages the events for the born again movement where her pastor is the visionary. So buckle up friends, we are about to get some encouragement, some equipping. Joy, I am so happy that you're on the podcast today.


Joy  02:06

I am so happy to Denisha I just love you. I'm so happy to be here. I'm so excited. So I really want to add something to the end of that. And it goes back to why I am where I am. And, and I want to greet all of your listeners and I pray that you all receive something but it's it starts from where, why I am where I am. And God set me in place to be a member of Heavens harvest ministries, where my pastors as you stated all the time, I simply am Senior, but God sent me there. And I remember I was in Huntsville, Alabama, on a Sunday morning, and I was eating breakfast with family and he said go back now. So I literally got in the car drove 100 miles an hour from Huntsville, Alabama, to Atlanta, went to the church and service ended, I told pastor, God said join. And he looked at me and said, What took you so long? What? So from there, I began to understand what God had called me to. And going back years ago, I was much younger. And God said to me as I was trying to figure out what worship was and how to do it and how to exalt the Lord and all of that. God spoke to me and said, You're destined for greatness. And I said, I'm gonna be rich. Okay, so I'm thinking that that's my lot in life. And throughout the course of my life, God start to show me, I have a plan for you. These are the thoughts that I think towards you, they're not evil, they are to get you to an expected end, in order for me to get you to that expected and I need to sit you under somebody who I can speak to who will speak to you whom you will understand, okay, this is somebody that I can put my ear to, I can incline my ear to this individual, this pass of the shepherd. And so sitting under pastor Pulliam, I am understanding the value of being a vessel to put feet to vision to edify the body of Christ to uplift the body of Christ to to help the body of Christ to encourage the body of Christ. So when it comes down to set putting feet to vision, anything that God gives pastor or gives me, it's a matter of let me get it done. It's not a matter of, well, how am I going to do it? Or when should I do it? Is there is no question I have to get it done. And God will provide so there's so much to go there. It's just a matter of where you want me to go. Denise, where do you want to go?


Denisha Workizer  04:38

Well, let's start there. Okay, so I think a lot of us can may have that inspiration where we feel like God is saying something. Now we don't always have the opportunity to sit underneath is such an amazing pastor to who will just shepherd us and walk us through those moments with God and kind of teaching us that obedience. Right? But what what do we do with those big gods? Dreams. I mean, I love that you are a doer. You are a get it done kind of lady. And what do we do with those big God dreams? So God puts a vision in your heart. And the first thing? Well, the first thing I do is I question it. Yeah. Is that you? Is that you? Is that me? You know? Yes. Is it? Is it you? Is it me? And you know, and then the second thought I typically have, right, I'm a Reclaimer. So I am always Reclaiming my story and my thought, life, all of those things. It's a lifetime journey. But in that the next thought I have is I'm not qualified to do that. Yes. Did you have those moments? So going back to the beginning, you know, joy, you are destined for greatness, the Lord whispers to your heart, right? What was next for you? Tell us what your journey was next from there.


Joy  05:46

So once God busted my bubble of, of chasing after money, because when he said, You're destined for greatness, I automatically thought I'm gonna be rich within like, the next 30 days. So when he busted that bubble, and started to show me, no, there's a lot that I put in you to fulfill. And I'm gonna get it out of you one way or another. And so I started to understand, Okay, well, this is what you have for me. But I don't think I'm qualified to do it. So I know, you said, I'm destined for greatness. But did you mean something else, because this, I don't see how I'm qualified to lead in the body of Christ, I don't see how I'm qualified to teach or to preach, or to put feet to vision, you've given such great and grand ideas and visions, but I don't see how I'm qualified. I'm not I don't have the education to match it, I don't have the funds to match it, I don't have the money to match it. Because I'm thinking I'm gonna be rich, within the next 30 days, it didn't happen. So I'm just taking that time for God to, to teach me you got to lean on me. Lean on me. Don't lean on your own understanding, because your understanding is emotional. And that's how I was, I would always go back to God, there was one time I'll tell you a story, where God, I was driving from a friend's house, I stopped at a red light. And God showed me envision that he showed me I'm standing in front of a congregation with the words Minister of music over my head. And I was at another church at this time. And so when I saw that, I said, no, no. And he showed it to me a second time, it felt like the red light lasted for five minutes. But he showed it to me a second time. And I said, No. But I'm not a fool, I would not have you show it to me a third time. Because your the repercussions of you having to show me a third time could be catastrophic. So I told God, since you showed it to me twice, I will go and tell the pastor and the leaders what you showed me, I went and told them because I didn't think I was qualified for it. So I went and told them that God showed me a vision of me standing in front of the congregation, as with the minister music over my head, they started to show cry, praise God, all of that. What I did not know is they were praying that God would send somebody to take over the music department so that the pastor could get rest and focus on preaching. So in my mind, I'm thinking, I'm not qualified, I can't do we know God, I don't know. That's not for me. But you never know who's praying for somebody to fill a position. And so if you have women out there that are struggling with these great visions, and these, these plans that God has put in their life, and they don't have a shepherd over them, then that means you still have to get closer to God, because He will sing you where you need to go to get fair to be covered, to learn more about what he has put in your heart to do. And you have to get past that I'm not qualified. Because that haunted me for a long time. I'm not qualified. I don't have a music degree. Why are you having me be a minister of music? I don't have a music degree. And there are others that weren't my job. I told God give them my job. And God said, No, I called you


Joy  09:09

know, so for those that are listening, that are wondering what Well, I don't have a pastor to run to trust God because He will send you to someone I have not I have not been short on God sending me and placing people in my life that are necessary for my growth necessary for the building of what God has given me. He always so you have to trust God and I know it's not it's an easier thing to say than to do. Okay, just trust God. Well, in some days are better than the others on that trust factor. But that's why the word of God is so important. And knowing that okay, if I speak His word, the death and life lies in the power of the tongue. So you have to monitor what you're saying. And that's something I had to learn Because I complained a lot, I whined a lot. And I was very negative concerning the things God had called me to do. Well, I'm not good enough, and I was comparing myself to other people, all those things had to be stopped. In order for me to fully embrace in faith, what God has given me to do. So first thing I would say, is, just take a moment and write down everything God has placed in your heart. Because I had to do that. And like my pastor, my current pastor taught me to do that. Write down everything God has placed in your heart, write down what you are good at, write down what you what your skills are, because you never know how God will navigate you. Through those skills, those abilities, the ideas he's given you, it will come together. And that's, that's another thing because I can go 12 different directions. A lot of times, we will get so discouraged because we feel like we have so much and not know how to move it forward. But the thing about it is all things work together for the good of them, that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. So it's all in his timing. It's all in his purpose, and it will come together. Now I started kingdom first productions back in 2018. I'm just now seeing how it's all coming together. So it takes patience, it takes trusting God. And what that means to trust God is to say, your will not mine. Not let your will be done. Lord, teach me Your will. So that as I pray, I'll pray your will and not my emotional desires. So there's so many different elements that come to it. I mean, I've had to learn how to pray and say the right things to God, rather than whining and complaining and crying. I mean, I've had some temper tantrum, some adult tantrums, but


Denisha Workizer  11:54

you've had to learn to agree with God and your prayers.


Joy  11:58

Yes, yeah. I mean, I've done it all. I've had some adult tantrums, all kinds of stuff to where I'm just telling God, no, I will not know I will not, no, it will not, because I'm going to get it out of you one way or another. And that's another thing as you develop your relationship with God, even though you have those moments of rebellion, and those moments of push back to God, there's something in your heart, that will still say, but I surrender to you. And that's what happened to me. Because I would push back on God, I would book and I would, I would, I would turn away from him, and I would withdraw and all of that. But yet, there was something in my heart that would say, I refuse to leave you God, I'm not going to let your hand go, I'm going to continue to hold on to you. I'm, I'm having a moment, I'm having a moment, but I'm still gonna hang on to you. Because you're, I don't want to, I don't want to live my life. Without you. I don't, I don't. And that helps, because the promise he spoke over me is still is still there. So I don't want to walk away from a God that spoke a word over me. And that's another thing that my pastor has encouraged us, you want God to speak over you. You want me to speak over you? Because that's one way he's showing you. I love you. I have purpose for you. And so when you get into your mind and your heart, God spoke this to me, he's spoken over me. Why would I Afin such a powerful God by running from what he spoke over me by running Tedward? Yes. Why would I? Why would it and I had to learn that because I was so consumed with myself. so consumed with myself that I had to I was I was neglecting the power of God and His fullness. I mean, he's a great, big, powerful God, but I'm looking at this little bitty five foot two person thinking all about, about me. And so there's so much that I've learned about God over the course of these years, even being with my current pastor, just learning. Okay, there. God has a standard. He has a system. He's precise, and he's timely. And I had to learn if he says, Go, that doesn't mean take your time and go when you feel like it. If he says go to Walmart, or go to Macy's or go to Kroger, that doesn't mean go ahead and take about 30 minutes make out a list and you know, maybe watch a little TV. If you need to cook go ahead and cook something and go ahead and washing clothes before you get on out. Now that means get your clothes, your shoes, whatever back head on out the door, because his his is timely. And within that time, in the obedience to that time and his instruction. You may meet somebody who will fund the vision. You may meet somebody who will be that prayer warrior for your vision, you will meet that person who will be the encouragement You need just in that moment. So a lot of times we miss opportunities because we are focused on ourselves to where we don't obey when we hear God's voice. And even even when, like you mentioned earlier, okay, is this me? I hear this, but is it me? Or is it you, God? Well, I went through that too. Because I mean, I'm talking to myself all day. It's like, Well, is it me? Is it me? Is it you is really. So I started to write down what I heard, okay, this is what I'm hearing, this is what I'm hearing. And I'd look at it, and I'd look, okay, okay. That doesn't sound like scripture. That doesn't sound like God, as I'm looking at it. It helped me to see, wait a minute. No, that's, that's joy. That's you, that's all you and then knowing. Because in the beginning, as you're growing in God, you have to learn his voice, and learn how he speaks to you. God has a way that he speaks to me to get me to, to just close my mouth, shut it down, and just wait. He has a way. He has a way. He has a way to speak to me to get me to move, he has a way to, to speak to my heart to just to get me to study and to to be invigorated and all that he has a look because we're all different. We're all his children, but we're all different. So there's, there's a certain way he speak to you that he won't speak to me. So understanding that about God and developing that relationship with him. And just knowing how he he works in my life. writing down what I hear has, has helped me tremendously, because now I can see, all right, well, I'm hearing this that doesn't line up with the vision that you've given me. So that's all me. Okay. Now, how, how do I get away from that? Because what I heard, that's all me, it sounds great. And I want to do it. So how do I get away from that to focus on what you want? What do you want me to do? Because if that ain't it, then what is it? So writing it down has helped me it may not help everybody else, it may be something that you may need to record on your phone, or you may need to just hide it in your heart stored in your heart until that time comes when God reveals it as this is what I want you to do. So you have to find out what works for you as well. There's there's so much,


Denisha Workizer  17:14

right? I know for me on that topic is the consistency God is so consistent. I mean, it might be like you said, I might run into someone at the grocery store, who says something to me. And they may even just say, Oh, I love how encouraging you are, you know, or something like that. But then later, I realized that that little word that into and it just consistently confirmed what I felt God was sharing or talking to me about. So that consistency, whether it be a passage, you ever feel like the like the pastor on Sunday morning, like he took your journal for the week, and somehow somebody like emailed it to him. And he's preaching out of it because it lines up right with what God's like what God's speaking to you about. That confirmation, I think is so important to that. Just that consistency in that confirmation. I remember the beginning of this year, our church was going into a fast and I thought, Okay, Lord, you know, I want strategy, right? I'm a go getter. I, you and I are so so right there together. And so I'm like, Alright, Lord, I need strategy for this year, you tell me where we're going. And I really felt the Lord say on multiple occasions. No, this isn't about strategy. I want you to seek my face. Yeah, I want you to just seek my face right now the strategy will come. But right now I just want you to intentionally seek Me not for what I can give you, even just for me. And so I put all my agenda aside, right? And I thought, Okay, Lord, I'm going to just seek your face. And then that next Sunday, the pastor got up. And he says, we're going to spend the next 21 days doing one thing, seeking the Lord's face. And I about fell out of my chair, because I thought, yes, that is exactly what he said to me. So that consistency, right like is you're hearing in your writing, I love writing it down. You're writing it down, and you're hearing that consistency of the message that God that God's speaking to you. Yes,


Joy  19:05

yes. And that's you touched on something that's so important, fasting and praying, fasting and praying. I mean, it's it is essential when it comes to vision and putting feet to vision and carrying out the things that God has called you to do. And that's something that I fought with for a while. fasting and praying because like what I like to eat. Come on God, there has to be another way I want to eat, and then being disciplined in that because if God says, you're fasting day is every Tuesday for your business or for this vision, then you have to stick with it. And I can say that there were times I didn't stick with it. I didn't. I didn't. And so I had to go back to God and said, Okay, I repent, I repent for that. Forgive me for that give creating me a clean heart renewal right spirit within me. Let me try this again. And and teach me how to be consistent with this. So that I am not just celebrating when you make a move with a new partnership or a new relationship or things like that, but I'm actually seeing how you are navigating me spiritually, because of fasting and praying. Yes, of course I can pray for for the vision and all that entities and all those things, but the fasting, it does something for you, it purges you have and gets your flesh under control, because that's a major thing. So fasting is extremely important. And we, we do absolute fans, when there's no food at all, at all, from a period of time to a period of time, no food or just water, and to have within like the first few hours of your stomach saying, Listen, you need to put some in me, are we gonna have a problem? Yes, yes. Forget the vision. Forget that forget reading the Bible for different No, you put so many to actually have to, to control that, to have that self control to where he's at. Now, I'm going to complete this fast. I'm going to complete it. Because there's it's necessary for the growth of what God has given me. So that's, I'm glad you said that because it's needed. It's essential. It's essential.


Denisha Workizer  21:19

Do you find for you, does God give you the whole picture? Or does he give you the next step? What is your experience in that?


Joy  21:28

He never gives the big picture. He never gives the whole picture. I've asked him on multiple occasions to give me the whole picture. He will not do it. He even in a way I've asked my pastor to give me the whole picture. He has not done it because God doesn't give him well, I can't say that because God tells my pastor, what he tells him. And it's little details for me to know, for me to know. But whatever he told pastor, he told me the whole picture. He's not going to tell me that because I'll take it and I'll mess it up. So so I don't know the whole picture. God doesn't give it to me. He gives me the little chunks here and there. He gives me what I can handle in that moment. So I am yeah, I wouldn't mess it up. I would I would


Denisha Workizer  22:15

it Me too. Me too. I am a super big planner. Like I love a three ring binder. Give me a good spreadsheet, a five year business plan like that. I love that. And I feel like God gives me the next step. And it's somewhat mind numbing to me at times because I'm like the Lord, if you just give me a little further down the road, I could go and I think for me that would be such a weakness for me would be if he gave me a three year plan like solid I would go and do it. Yeah. And I think the fact for me that he gives it to me one step at a time, the fact that your pastors kind of spoon feeding you a direction, right? It keeps us sitting at the feet of the Father. And that is so important for us to stay linked to him because some of these visions I mean, friend you have you have the tightest to show Titus to living you have kingdom first productions and kingdom first publishing. Now. When you hear that I immediately assume Okay, joy, you a fish, you must have like gone to college to be a publisher got into college to start a production company. Like this is your wheelhouse, right? But that's not your wheelhouse. So yeah, how do you how do you do that when you got to stay connected to God for every moment, he's giving you these visions outside of your like wisdom zone, if you will. Damn, how do you how do you do that?


Joy  23:42

So I do that by staying in constant communication with my pastor, and he's actually overseer Pulliam, but and I celebrate his promotion to that, but I stay, I stay with him. I need, you have knowledge, not just in the word, but in life and other areas. So I need you to teach me what is going on and what to do. Because my bachelor's degree is in psychology. And I didn't go to school for anything that I'm doing right now. Nothing. No publishing, no media, no marketing, no, none of that. And so it's literally it all changed for me when God gave him the born again movement. Because while I was doing the Titus two show one night and on the way to the show, I asked God, what's my first job I started this company was my first job. When the show ended. He called me and said, God said to have you run all the events for the board to get movement. And I said, Well, okay, that's my first job. Now, what do I do here? What do I do? And so I literally had to be a lead by the Holy Ghost, what, who to talk to? Who not to speak with what to say how to say it, making sure I constantly ask, Pat will oversee and Pulliam because you'll hear me say Pastor overseer pass overseer, but to constantly ask, what's the vision? Is there a different direction we're going in constantly asked, because, you know, a lot of times, I could have taken the vision and ran with it on my own. And just, I'll figure it out this YouTube video for this ark before I can figure it out. But in order for it to be anointed, for Oh, in order for it to be purposed, by God, I had to make sure I'm praying, I had to make sure I asked and even I was told, make sure you ask God, what to present. So I had to do that. Okay, got it. what do what do I present for this event? What is the schedule, I need to present for this event? What are the activities I need to have for this event? And praying, staying close in communication with my pastor and asked him God regularly? Okay, what's the next move? Because that is, this is not something that I went to school for. However, God has equipped me for it. Because I wasn't novice to it, I had known how to put any bit together, I had known how to do promotions and things like that on a low level just on a, you know, very entry level. So now God is teaching me all right, this is the level you need to be at. So this is what you need to do. You have to put this time into study this, learn this, read that research this, and he will, again, put people in front of me that has the knowledge that I need. So it's always okay, God, lead me, lead me teach me teach me. And it's something that that really keeps me humble. Because I did not go to school for this. I don't have certifications in this. I don't have all the wonderful trainings in this. You know, I'm doing little little tidbits here and there. But I don't have all these certifications and degrees and things like that. So it keeps me humble so that I'm not getting big headed. Oh, well, you know, I look at the barns I've built because of my ability.


Denisha Workizer  27:05

I think that's so encouraging for everyone to hear, okay, you went to school for psychology, that maybe now later in life, God puts his big vision in your heart that is something different. But yet, what I also see in your story is that he's taking every step, any event planning you did you know, any psychology, right? That's a lot of marketing is understanding how people see things. He's taking all of these steps from your life, even back to the day when he said, You are destined for greatness, right? He's taken all of these steps and formed it and it's like, nothing's wasted, whether you went to school for psychology, he's, you know, calling you into media and production and publishing, like, nothing is wasted in that. And I just think that's so encouraging for people to hear. Because, you know, we may think, Oh, I went to school to be a teacher. But now I feel God calling me to do this. But that doesn't line up. But I bet you'd be surprised that it does. I know a lot of our team says that all the time. I had no idea that when I was doing this back in college, it would lead to doing this, you know, with reclaimed story like it. It's just so cool, how nothing is wasted.


Joy  28:14

Nothing is wasted. I'm so glad you said that. Because years ago, a friend of mine and I got together and we put together a book of poems called lyrics, lyrics of joy, lyrics of joy. And we were going to publish it and all of that, of course, we had no idea what we were doing. But at the time, we were working on the cover for the book. And all the poems were written. And they were going to have illustrations, and it was going to be a wonderful book. So I had the manuscript, and it just didn't, it didn't get finished. We didn't finish it. And so I'm like, well, well, why why did I do that, then that was complete waste of time, not knowing that years later, I'd be put back in that position to actually complete a published work, you know, so we have our church that that came up with the Proverbs journal. So that was an experience there. Now, I'm moving into where I can, I can write and publish a book that God gave me. And then I can, I can help others publish their books as well. So it just, you said, All things work together, and nothing is wasted. Nothing is wasted. God has a purpose and a plan, even in the mess ups, even in the mess ups. All things work together for the good. So I thank God for that. Because he's not a wasteful God. He's not. We think that because we go in a different direction. Our life is the life that the things that we did prior to the new direction is a waste of time, but not so and I've even said that, even with dealing with people I've said, Well, you know, talking to them was a waste of time. No, no, it was not a waste of time. It just showed you where to spend the value of your time. So no, it wasn't always the time now. You know, don't talk to them. Don't talk to them because they We'll get you off track. Or I had, let's say I had a meeting and the meeting didn't go as I may have thought so Okay, well, that meeting was a waste of time. No. Now you may have learned how to speak to other CEOs or speak to others. As you have your means. It's nothing is wasted. Got all things work together.


Denisha Workizer  30:19

Amen. Amen. Okay, so as I'm hearing your story, Joy, I am hearing first of all, just straight joy. I told you, there's a song that comes in my head, every time I see joy, if I see a post of hers or something, I'm like, Oh, I got the joy. I shouldn't try to sing on a podcast. So because worship ministry is not my gift.


Joy  30:40

It's alright. You make a joyful noise is good.


Denisha Workizer  30:43

Yes, I have. But you know what I think of when we get these big visions from God, right? I think back to x at x one, right? This is just it's kind of comedy. If you think about it, right? Here you have the disciples, and Jesus speaks his last words, okay. And he says, It is not for you to know the times or days of the Father has set by his own authority, but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all of Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Now, let's put this in context. Yes, so here's the disciple sitting there. Jesus has you know, he's he's resurrected, he's about to, you know, ascend, and he is dropping this massive vision on them. Right? He is saying you are going to preach the gospel right to the ends of the earth. Can you imagine they would have been like, Well, how would we do that? I mean, we have two feet, like, how in the world would we do that? How would we preach to all the nations. And then he says, you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes to you. And that just keeps going through my head when I think about your story, because that's what you've done. God drops his big vision in your mind, that does not seem possible, right? And but he says, lean into the Holy Spirit. Yes, write down what I'm telling you. You know, lean into your pastor, your overseer, lean into the Word of God, speak truths over my life, kill comparison, get out the lies that you're not qualified, right? And he says, lean into you. So I think I think we can boil down to Joy's secret of success. Here's a book for you know, I write a secret of success is the Holy Spirit. It's knowing when to step out when to step back, when to dive in, and when to pause, right, when to fast, when to not listen to ourselves, but push into the wisdom that's given over us. So joy, as we conclude today, I would love to hear it my let's say, there's a woman listening. And she's thinking, you know, I am doing this for my job. But there is this vision down in my belly that keeps me up at night that I think about that. I feel like God has just dropped in my spirit. But I have absolutely no idea what to do next. Could you speak to her?


Joy  33:16

Absolutely. The first thing is to pray. And spend as much time in prayer as necessary. Pray, pray, and pray. Because through that prayer, God will start to reveal things to you through the power of the Holy Ghost through His Word. And as you pray, and even write your prayers if you have to. So if you write your prayers, if you have to write it all down what you want to say to God concerning this big vision that you have in your heart, but because of where you are you having a struggle and want to know what to do. So ask God show me who to talk to place people in front of me that you want me to know and build relationships with, show me what my schedule is for fasting and show me what days are the days where I am put in place to study your word to know what the direction is? Prayer, that's the main thing. And then also make sure that you are trusting God, out of the true sense of the word you believing him to be true, and what he says to you to be true, and not out of your emotion because that causes you to fluctuate in your trust, and also exercise your faith. If you have this big vision. And God is nudging you and you feel that the Spirit of God just nudging you and pushing you. Don't be afraid to step out. Don't be afraid to step out because if you if you doubt just for a moment, it cancels your faith. And it's easy to it's easy to do that in the beginning because you're still trying to navigate through the waters of faith and, and and trusting God but you've got to go grow and get stronger through His Word through prayer and fasting, to fellowship with other believers and those that will encourage you and build you. So pray is pray, you have to pray, fasting, prayer, and trusting God and listening for him and activating that faith. And that's what I would say to. If there's a woman that is in that type of situation and be patient, please be patient. Please be patient, be patient, because your timing is not God's timing. It's not it's not we try to make it. But it's not his timing is already set before you were even created born, thought of all of that the timing for vision that he's already set before the foundation of the world were laid for you. It's all the timing is already done. It's fixed is, as my my pastor would say, it's fixed. It's fixed. So you don't have to fight against an already set system and standard and process that guy has already established. So you just have to get into that relationship with him build that because then you'll understand what direction to go in. Because you'll hear that voice and behind you saying, this is the way you walk in it. And he'll lead and guide you by spirit.


Denisha Workizer  36:14

Amen, amen. There's a CS Lewis quote, I was trying to pull up on my phone, I always keep it on there. And I'm not finding it right now. But it says when suddenly something to the effect of when you feel that God has spoke relentlessly pursue it just throw out everything, and just relentlessly pursued that he says it way more eloquently. But But yeah, that's what I hear in your story, too, is that relentless pursuit of God? If you're offering it on the I'm gonna take it? I'm gonna I'm gonna come after you for fullness of that. Yeah. Yes, you are such a blessing. I love our time together. I hope that our listeners are just empowered, equipped and ready to take on the world today. In such a way, how can we find you you have so many great resources? How can we find you friend?


Joy  37:03

Well, you can go to kingdom first Or you can go to Facebook, this is one I would I would highly recommend going over to forward slash Titus to show the Roman numeral two two eyes, Titus two show. And as you can, you can find me there during the show. And I have all kinds of links to other other products and other things that I have going on with everything.


Denisha Workizer  37:30

All the all the things and we'll put those links in the show notes too. So people can find you super easily. But you guys connect with joy. I mean, you just hear such a Ah, just such a powerful, just her story. And just her equipping. And she just makes you want to get out and just chase after God and I love it. So Fred, thank you for all of your encouragement today and for being with us. And we will see you same time, same place next week. Thanks for listening. I pray you found hope in today's conversation and maybe even feel a little less alone in your story. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram at reclaimed story. Want to learn more about living a reclaimed life and how you can be a part of our growing community ever claimers? Check out our website at reclaimed All of those links and more will be in the show notes. And if you enjoy this inspirational podcast Be sure to subscribe rate and review. Not only will you be the first one to know when new content comes out, but it is also a huge help in helping us reach more people to live the Reclaimed Life.